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Mobile Casinos: Five Reasons They’re Popular

Mobile casinos are becoming more popular – there’s no doubt about it. But why are people rushing to download casino apps to their phones? Some answers are obvious, while others may not be as clear.


The pandemic has sped up a process that was already well underway. Mobile casino games are booming – and it seems the only way is up.

Here are five reasons why mobile games are becoming more popular.

Games Are Getting Better

With regular video games, it’s obvious that things are getting better technically. Loading times are faster, graphics are more impressive, plenty of extra stuff is happening on screen. Games are getting better, and that’s true for casino games too. Even the humble mobile casino slots are smoother and more enjoyable than they were ten years ago. Think back a decade or more and you’ll probably picture some Flash-based abomination of a casino game. Gone are those days, replaced by things that are faster, smoother and more reliable.

With Flash gone, developers are taking advantage of better ways of making games. It’s not a moment too soon, either.

The Rise of 5G

5G is faster and more reliable than 4G, and while it’s not fully rolled out yet, it’s coming to more people every day. Within the next few years, everybody will have access to it – and that’s going to change an awful lot. It’ll mean more people have a steady, reliable connection to live casino mobile games.

From the perspective of regular gamers, 5G will potentially give you access to streaming video games while you’re out and about, something Microsoft are fully aware of.

More nad more people are relying on their 4G connection to fuel their internet browsing. With fewer issues thanks to 5G, you can expect more people to enjoy gaming on their mobiles.

Smartphones – Mobile Casinos on the Go

Over the last 15 years, mobile phones have become a must-have part of our lives. From work to pleasure, almost everything we do requires access to these important little devices.


It’s obvious that the more people who have access to mobile phones, the easier it is for them to access mobile casinos. Combined with the fact that the apps are getting easier to use too, this one is a no brainer.

The more people who own smartphones, the more people there are playing casino games. It’s as simple as that.

Games From Casinos Are Getting More Popular

Casino games have always been popular, and even less “formal” casino games like Bingo. Speak to any British family about old holidays and someone will mention bingo, dominoes or card games – these things have always been in our lives, just not to the extent that they are today.

Players are taking the love they had for these games and they’re taking it onto their smartphones. Easy access, cheap entry, constant deals means it’s a better time than ever for many to get involved.

And with that popularity comes a snowball effect, where more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon.


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