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Live A Live New Trailers

Live A Live is coming next month from Square Enix to the Nintendo Switch. Recently, some new trailers were shown and we have them below.

The first trailer, above, is set in the present. Here the game looks a lot more like a fighting game than a turn-based rpg. It looks like the main character is a fighter who is taking on opponents in one on one fights.

And then there’s the second trailer, which is set in space, in a very Aliens (the movie) like setting!

The distant future gives off more of a horror vibe and the crew of a ship in jeopardy. Will they make it back to earth? Thats the big question of the Distant Future trailer.

Live A Live is a game that never saw release in the west until now. The game has been completely remade in the HD-2D style. It looks pretty cool too.

The game will release on July 22nd, 2022! Are you looking forward to it?


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