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June 1 Up Box Review – Survival

My June 1 Up Box unfortunately came damaged this month, but outside of a small tear on my Funko Pop figure, everything else seemed to be in tact. It was a great box this month, featuring heavily from the Jurassic Park and Walking Dead franchises. Even though those aren’t really high on my list of favorite entertainment franchises, I still felt the box as a whole was fairly well done. Below the unboxing video we will have a full breakdown of all the items in this months box!

Filler Items for June


Every subscription box has its fair share of filler items, and I don’t think this is a problem. We all should be expecting 2 or 3 premium items and 2 or 3 filler items. That is what generally makes up each box. This months filler items for June are not all that bad. I really enjoy the Fallout keychain, which I’m already using on my work keys. It’s light weight, so it doesn’t weigh now by keys, and it’s made of rubber so I don’t have to be worried about scratching it up. That’s a huge bonus for me!

The other smaller items included in this months box was a Harley Quinn sticker being portrayed as a queen from a deck of cards. Its not really an item I care about, but since I have a lot of friends who are really into Harley Quinn, it will make a nice small gift for one of them!

The Walking Dead key cover is really cool, and my wife absolutely loves it! The second I opened the box she laid claim to the item before I even had a chance. The key cover is shaped like the vest worn by Daryl in The Walking Dead, and it is the perfect item to show of your fandom!

Funko Pop Vinyl: Booker DeWitt


My Booker Dewitt Funko Pop Figure unfortunately came a little bit damaged, which really sucks for me since I like to keep them in the package to stack on one of my collectible shelves. I’m a big  fan of Bioshock Infinite, so to get this Funko Pop is really great. Unfortunately,  he’s not really that interesting of a character, so if you don’t like Bioshock you might think this is a throw away item. Fortunately, I’m a fairly big fan, so…this is awesome!

Jawrassic Dead tShirt


Just like last month when 1 Up Box sent out a fantastic Assassins Creed tShirt – it was our top item for the month of May! – the company did it again with this awesome Jurassic Park and The Walking Dead crossover shirt. I’m not sure which creative minds come up with these shirts, but I hope they keep it up. The only unfortunate thing here is I thought that last month, 1 Up Box was really pushing the idea of using their two mascots more often in shirts. Although they used the fox mascot on this months button – dressed up like Rick from The Walking Dead; see picture above – I was hoping we would get another tshirt with those two cute little animals on it. Regardless, I still feel like this is a strong shirt!


The 1 Up Box for June – Survival – is a pretty good box. Although I preferred last months box over this months box, I don’t think there is any reason to get disappointed by what was offered this time around. Like all subscription boxes, it can be hit and miss. Last month I enjoyed the included franchises more than this month. But, this month was still pretty great. We give Junes 1Up Box a sold 7.0 Dinosaur Teeth out of 10!




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