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I Destroyed my Animal Crossing Island and it Felt Good!

One of the biggest complaints with Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that you cannot have more than one island on a single Nintendo Switch console. That means if you have multiple users sharing one Nintendo Switch, they all live on one island together. It also means that if you want to start over on a new save – may be to get a different island layout, different coloured themed items, etc. – you need to completely wipe your first island, and all the work you put into it.


For those looking to start over fresh after perhaps not playing for a long time, getting rid of the island you once maticulously planned can be tough, or easy. It depends on your attachment. For myself, I had over 400 hours into my first island. I had all the bugs, fish, fossils, and ocean creatures donated. I had all the flowers, including the ellusive golden rose! I had all the tools I need to transform my island, all the shops built, Harvey’s island complete. I had it all. And with a click of a button, it was all gone!

Check out my reaction to restarting Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

It was really tough deleting all the save data for my old island, and while in the video above you may accuse me of playing it up a bit, there was a moment when I thought I might end the stream and give up on the plan to restart my island. It was so much work to get to where I was, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it all over again. But I’ve now completed 3 days in the game, have begun getting my life back in order, and guess what? It’s freeing. Starting over is such a great feeling. I was able to pick a new starting island design, was relearning all the great features the game had, and was having a blast recruiting new villagers to my island.

All in all, I’m glad I pulled the trigger and reset the island, and perhaps you will be too!


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