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E3 2018 – Skull and Bones Getting Some Hype – Ubisoft Press Conference

Skull and Bones is coming folks, and we cannot wait! When Justin Farren walked out on stage to show off some of the gameplay you can expect in Skull and Bone, people were understandably blown away. Although cautious optimism swept the theatre and those watching online, the feeling that this could be something special is still quite high!

Skull and Bones

The demo shown off did an excellent job of displaying to viewers what they can expect when playing Skull and Bones. With the empire crushing piracy in the Caribbean, the worlds best pirates have set their sights on something else: The Indian Ocean. Each mission will begin in your island base, where you will gather intel on what ships are currently sailing the seas, where the biggest plunders could be, and what you should take into account. Around your camp, you will find fortune tellers who will give you some valuable insights on what to expect: wind conditions, who’s on the water, and much more.

Then it is time to prepare for your trip. What items will you load onto your ship to help you succeed, and which crew will you bring with you. The decisions you make here could be the difference between life and death on the seas! You will have competition from other players, so the decision will always be: do you fight others, or do you ally together? The decision is always yours!

When sailing around the Indian Ocean, you will need to be very aware of your surroundings. See a large fort in the distance that you need to slip by, perhaps raise a different flag on your ship and see if you go past undetected. Players will have to use the various islands to their advantage as well, doing their best to sneak up on unsuspected ships.

Skull and Bones

Once you have found your target, it’s time to bombard them with cannons and slowing their speed, allowing you to board, plunder, and retreat as quickly as possible. But be careful, because now you are the target with all the booty on board, and others are prowling the ocean waiting to take it from you. In the distance is a powerful Portuguese frigate, one you cannot take on alone. Thankfully, allies can arrive to help you defeat the foreboding enemy, but even that produces new challenges. Will those allies turn on you? Will you turn on them? Anything goes when piracy rules the seas!

Skull and Bones is looking really good, and I cannot wait to dive into this further. There will be much more coming out of E3 this week!


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