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Cloud Gardens

If you’re looking for a slow, thoughtful puzzle game, then you might want to check Cloud Gardens. Here is our review of the game for Nintendo Switch!


Cloud Gardens is hard game to explain. Basically, at its heart, the game is about creating art. You are given trash, plants, and a vague setting and set to the task of making it look like something. In the overworld mode, each of the tasks are like puzzles and you have to fill the area just right to get the percentage up to 100%. So, for instance, in one level you have a car and you given a plant and tires. You must place the plant just right on the car and the tires around it. Its not always obvious how to fill up the area and that percentage can go down. The puzzles in Cloud Gardens are very Zen-like but also tricky.

And then there’s the Creative mode where you can just create whatever you want with the tools you are given. This mode absolutely is all about creating artwork with no puzzle element. The controls work well in the game. There is no story or real introduction. This is a game where you create your own experience.

Cloud Gardens is a slow paced, thoughtful game. It won’t be for everyone. If you just want something to relax to, then this is your game. Its graphics are basic but also beautiful. That’s basically the whole game at its core: basic and beautiful. Cloud Gardens isn’t here to be the best looking game on the Switch or to have the most intense gameplay. This is a game that creates small, addictive puzzles and challenges you to create artwork along the way.

Fans of puzzle games and simulation games will want to check Cloud Gardens out. It’s a pretty neat game!

Cloud Gardens gets a 7.5 out of 10.

Thanks to Plan of Attack for providing a digital code for this review. Cloud Gardens is available for the Nintendo Switch now.


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