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Wizardry: Proving Ground of the Mad Overlord Impressions

Wizardry: Proving Ground of the Mad Overlord is a remake of an rpg classic. Its out now for the Xbox Series and checked it out thanks to a provided code. Here our impressions of the game so far.


Wizardry: Proving Ground of the Mad Overlord is a remake of an rpg classic. The graphics on this new version are so much better than the original. How do I know for sure? Well, because the original graphics can be displayed in the corner of the screen or as an overlay on the new graphics. The old visuals are pretty basic, but its so cool to see them! The new visuals are a big upgrade. The game still keeps its first person dungeon crawling where you don’t see your characters, though you do see the enemy.

You will find yourself exploring the dungeon, going through doors, fighting enemies, and opening treasures. Outside of the dungeon, you’ll find a menu that lets you go to an Inn, a temple, and more. The menu is nicely designed and has an old school feel to it. In fact, the whole experience feels like an older game with a new coat of paint. Of course, thats what it is! Though, thats not a bad thing. Wizardry is fun and addictive. Its also a very hard game.


Wizardry is a pretty hard game. Your characters will die a lot and you’ll find yourself going back to the temple to revive them. Just like an old school game, you’ll be fighting against some very tough enemies. Wizardry is still really fun though. We recommend that you don’t let the difficulty stop you from checking out this treasure. Wizardry: Proving Ground of the Mad Overlord is out now and well worth checking out!


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