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More Thoughts From Me #69: My E3 2017 Predictions

Its almost time for E3 again. On June 12, Sony and Microsoft will hold their conferences and announce stuff. And then on June 13, Nintendo will have a video spotlight and Treehouse Live were they will announce things. But what exactly will Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo show? Today I’ll give you my guesses, which are sure to be very wrong!


I always look forward to E3 a lot. Every year, its fun watching Sony, Microsoft, and especially Nintendo announce new games and show off more footage of games we already know about.

As anyone who reads this column should know, I’m a huge Nintendo fan. So, of course, I’m looking forward to their E3 showcases the most. Today I’ll give you my predictions for what the big three will show at E3! I’ll start with Sony and Microsoft first.



Last year, Sony put on a huge stage event and my guess is that they’ll do that again. Will it be as elaborate as last year? One can only hope so!

I think this year we’ll see Sony focus again on big games for the PlayStation 4. I’m hoping we’ll see more of the Spider-man game announced last year and maybe finally get a date for that one. If so, I’m going to find myself wishing more than ever that I had a PlayStation 4. sigh

What else could they show? Well, I just heard a rumor about a Spyro Collection game and wouldn’t be surprised if that turned out to be real. Also, isn’t it about time that we saw more footage of the Final Fantasy 7 remake?!

I also predict more new games. Sounds vague right? Well, hey, what do you want? I’m a Nintendo fan predicting Sony!



You want some really vague predictions? I know even less about Microsoft than I know about Sony. The only guess that I can make here that’ll probably be true is that Microsoft will show off and make a big deal out of the Scorpio. Most likely they will reveal the final name and possibly a release date for the system.

Other than that, I predict we’ll see a new Halo game, something from Bioware, and enough sports games to put me asleep.

Honestly, I’m hoping that Microsoft does better this year than they did last year, but I won’t hold my breath.



We already know Nintendo’s E3 plans this year, but what will they actually show during their events?

It looks like the video presentation will just be about the Nintendo Switch and focus on games for this year. Notice the word focus. That doesn’t mean we won’t see games for next year too. If I had to guess, I think we’ll see two or three 2018 games during the video presentation. I’m predicting that they’ll show Fire Emblem for Switch and Pikmin 4 for 2018.

What Switch 2017 titles will they show off? They’ve already confirmed that Super Mario Odyssey will be shown during the video event. I think that will be a very large focus of the presentation. I would also expect Xenoblade 2 (will it get delayed?), Skyrim, and some surprises. Here’s hoping for some more third party games too!

As for 3DS, I would expect any announcements for that system to come out of Treehouse Live. We will definitly see more gameplay for Ever Oasis, Hey Pikmin!, Miitopia, and Monster Hunter Stories. I would also expect the first gameplay footage of the upcoming Kirby holiday game to be shown.

And I would be surprised if a Pokémon game for 3DS wasn’t announced at E3. I know people say “Oh they never announce Pokémon at E3” but never say never. No I don’t think the new Pokémon will be for the Switch. I think they’ll stick to the 3DS and might do a Pokémon for Switch next year. Maybe that’ll be shown or hinted at in the video spotlight too!

What surprises can we expect for 3DS (other than Pokemon)? I think Nintendo might show off a couple of 2018 3DS games. They said that we’d get games for 3DS in 2018 and I hopefully we’ll see a couple at this E3.

My long shot guess for 3DS? Dragon Quest 11. I think they’ll at least announce its coming next year. Well, ok, I hope they will. Maybe they’ll show off Dragon Quest Heroes 1 + 2 for the Switch and announce that they will be bringing Dragon Quest 11 3DS to the West in 2018. Plus Dragon Quest 11 for the Switch! Like I said, this is a long shot.

I think we’ll see at least one more 2018 3DS too. Maybe that rumored Mario & Luigi game? I don’t know. I’m still very skeptical about that one and the Rabbids/Mario game for Switch too. I’m not sure what else Nintendo will show. Hopefully something surprising!

My final guess for Nintendo at E3 2017: Mother 3 (aka Earthbound 3) wil finally see release on the Switch and New 3DS. Ok, that’s a very long shot! I’m just dreaming…


My prediction of the “winner” of E3 this year?

I think/hope it’ll be Nintendo. As long as they have some Switch & 3DS surprises to go with the stuff we already know about, they should win. If they just show stuff we already know about for the most part, I’m not so sure. Though Mario Odysseey should be awesome.

If Nintendo doesn’t win, it’ll probably be Sony again. Though, you should never count Microsoft out.

E3 2017 should be very interesting!

What do you think the big three will show at E3 this year? Who do you think will “win” E3?

Next week: My 70th column! Whoa! What will I write about? You’ll find out next week!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Is it time for E3 yet?!



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