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More Thoughts From Me #18: Will Sony and/or Microsoft Win E3?

Last year, I was unimpressed by Sony and Microsoft. They didn’t have much to show for their new systems and yet, many people were pleased with them, especially Sony. You would think with Nintendo showing only one game this year, that it would be an easy win for Sony and Microsoft this year. I have my doubts. I also have my hopes for them!


Some people try to act like E3 isn’t a competition. They say “gamers” are the real winners of E3. I don’t buy that at all. Its very clear when one company does better than another company at E3, even if fans are not always willing to admit which company won.

This year, Nintendo is only going to show one game at E3. That’s not a good sign for the company’s chances at E3. I’m sure Zelda will look great, but can they really win on just one game? I extremely doubt it and I’m a big Nintendo fan. That said, I’m not sure if Sony, Microsoft, or both could win this year’s E3 either.

I can’t remember anything Microsoft showed last year. I think they may have showed their VR thing off, but none of their games stuck out for me. And Sony just showed the Final Fantasy 7 remake with Square, a Kickstarter that everyone was either happy or mad about, and the Last Guardian (that still may never come out). Yet, many people said Sony won last year’s E3. In my opinion, Nintendo won last year but, as always, nobody wanted to admit that Nintendo could ever win. Nintendo showed the best games and put on the best show though. But anyway, that was last year! What about this year?

There are many rumors regarding Sony and Microsoft this year. I won’t talk about them, other than to say that I hope they are not true. I want to see Sony and Microsoft focus on games this year. I think the most important thing they can do is show us a reason that we should own a Playstation 4 and/or an Xbox One. What are the big exclusive games for each system? What are the third parties up to? And the indies too? Both Sony and Microsoft need to have a great showing of new exclusive games and killer third parties/indies. If they have that, then either or both of them could win E3.

But what if Sony and Microsoft just come out with more HD ports or sequels to games that we’ve seen a million times already? I’m sure there will be many people that say they won anyway. Heck, Nintendo is riding their entire E3 on a sequel to a game that a lot of people love. So, its obvious that there will be sequels at E3 from Microsoft, Sony, and third party developers. Though, I think the time is right for Microsoft and Sony to step forward and give us more than just that. Nintendo has been doing some original franchises lately and so we should expect the same from Microsoft and Sony. I want a reason to believe in both of them again, though especially Sony. I loved the Playstation 3. I’d love to want to have a Playstation 4. Sony and Microsoft have a lot to prove with me though.

I know I’m the minority here. I know there will be many that say that Sony and Microsoft can easily win this year by just showing sequels and third party games for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. I guess they could, but that would be so boring. If Nintendo isn’t going to put a jaw dropping show on this year, then we need the other guys to do it. Who knows though? Maybe there’s a chance that the new Zelda will be so great that it’ll blow away Sony and Microsoft. Yes, I know that’s doubtful, but you just never know…

In the end, I’d love for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to do great this year. I’d love everyone to win. I just don’t think that’s going to happen. I have a feeling that Nintendo fans will feel down about this E3. And if Sony and Microsoft don’t up their game this year, those fans could be disappointed too. I suppose we’ll find out soon who will win…

So what do you think Sony and Microsoft will show this year at E3? Who do you think will win E3? Let us know in the comments!

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