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Rating of eSports Disciplines: Who Is on the Top?

It’s hard rating eSports disciplines because, in each game, there is a lot that goes into being a good player. You need fast reflexes, quick thinking, knowledge of the game and a good sense of tactics and teamwork.


At the moment, several genres are common in eSports. In each of them, you need to be familiar with the mechanics as well as have the skill to win. Some of the genres played regularly across all platforms are:

  • MOBA games (DotA, LoL)
  • FPR (CS: GO, Overwatch, Valorant, Call of Duty)
  • TPS (Fortnite)
  • Fighters (Tekken, Mortal Kombat)
  • RTS (Starcraft, Warcraft)
  • Strategies (Stellaris, CK3)
  • Drivers (Need for Speed, Forza)
  • Sports (FIFA, NBA, Madden)

In some of these, only a few disciplines will be present. Strategy games like Stellaris don’t require a fast micro but rely on predetermined and developed strategies just like playing poker but at the same time, they have an element of randomness as in games at

But that is not always the case. For instance, if you are playing fighting games like Mortal Kombat, you need to be more focused on your micro and response time, and there aren’t a lot of strategies involved.

More than Pointing and Clicking

From the outside, it might seem that all eSports are little but pointing and clicking. But, if we look deeper, we will notice that even FPS (First Person Shooters) have a lot more tactics, strategy, and communication involved than it first appears.

Shooters are a Headshot with eSports


FPS games, often simply called shooters, are some of the most popular games both when it comes to eSports and when it comes to streaming. Clips made inside these games where someone 5v1 clutches the game are amazingly popular and for a good reason; they are amazing to see.

On Twitch, the most popular games streaming platform, more than a million hours of streams have been seen for Apex Legends, followed closely by Valorant. Due to the fast-paced mechanics of these games, everyone wants to see how they have made combos and did something nobody expected.

VALORANT Champions 2021 had a prize pool of $1M, over a million peak views, and more than 46 million cumulative hours watched, significantly beating its prime competitor Apex Legends with its Global Series only getting half of those numbers and 9 million cumulative hours.

The biggest draw-in factor of shooters is definitely the skill of the individual players. There are players that really seem as if they are cheating when they play. Still, we all know that you need a team for a good player to get into the zone.

The MOBA Phenomenon

Standing for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA games are currently the most popular when it comes to eSports. Multi-million dollar prize pools exist in international championships that fill our real arenas and have millions of viewers across the globe.

In these games, you pick a single character to play, your champion, and control it from an isometric POV. By combining the strengths and weaknesses of your champion and those picked by your four teammates, you adjust your strategy, buy items, and try to bring down the enemy base.

Although a subject of debate, the most popular MOBA game by the number of active players is DotA 2, followed by LoL (League of Legends). These are mixes between fast reactions, strategy, and tactics as each champion can be a great option or a bust depending on the player and the team.

For viewers, these games are especially interesting because they are predictable and unpredictable at the same time. Namely, everyone knows classical opening moves and the current meta, as well as when mid-game and late-game start – but that is it, what happens in the middle is anyone’s guess.

Finish Him!

Lastly, there are fighting games. These PvP games are some of the oldest competitive games around that have been played competitively even before online gaming was a thing.

Games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter, and alike are all about being faster and having better reflexes than your opponent. Most fighters you can choose from have their own special move but are similar in all other regards. It is the skill of the player that makes the difference.

These games are not as popular with eSports because they are played 1v1 and don’t have teamwork involved. Still, they are very entertaining to see and draw in a dedicated crowd. The biggest Mortal Kombat tournament, Final Kombat, has a prize pool of $100.000 in 2020.


Strategies Are Niche but Holding

Strategies are frequently the source of many gaming communities and intellectual property, but in the domain of eSports they are nowhere near as popular as their offshoot in MOBA. As a matter of fact, DotA started as a mod for Warcraft III and shares the same characters.

Regardless, real-time strategies like Warcraft III, StarCraft and Age of Empires still draw in thousands if not tens of thousands to watch them. There are regular Warcraft III tournaments and their Twitch fans are really dedicated.

The last Age of Empires IV tournament this March in Berlin called N4C had a prize pool of $100.000 with the 1st place after many 1v1 rounds going to the Serbian player Aleksandar “Beastyqt” Krstic.


As is the case with any human competition, only a small fraction of what makes a winner is talent; the rest is hard work and training.  Being quick, acting fast, knowing what to do, and being able to entertain the public with your prowess is the key to being a successful eAthlete and only those who are dedicated will rise to the top. The rest of us can only learn something and have fun in the process.