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Fishing Paradiso Trailer

Do you like fishing? Do you like rpgs? Then you may want to check out Fishing Paradiso will it releases next week for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below and some thoughts on it too.

Fishing Paradiso is a fishing rpg thats coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 2nd. The game will cost $13.49.

In Fishing Paradiso, you are dead. You find yourself in the afterlife where you…fish! You catch fish, help others, collect furniture, and more. There are over 100 fish to catch and plenty of things to do in the game.

The art style in Fishing Paradiso is really nice. It reminds me a bit of Stardew Valley or a retro game like Earthbound. The gameplay looks really fun. Though I admit I’m a total sucker for a fishing game with rpg and sim elements! This game has my attention for sure.

What do you think of Fishing Paradiso? Will you be checking it out next week?


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