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Finding Odds for eSports and Other Betting Opportunities

It is 2022, and there are dozens of different ways to bet your money on thousands of different websites around the globe. As more countries and states/provinces begin legalizing online gambling, companies are quick to put their products on the market. But now we are left wondering who is best to suggest how we should spend our money, and in the eSports space, there seems to be a gap.


When it comes to actual betting on a variety of things Рfrom politics to sports Рthere are many great sites like where you can not only place your bets, but also see what the odds are. And most betting books have odds displayed, as is the law. But there is more you can find for things like sports. In Canada, for example, it is easy to find folks in high places who will suggest what is a good bet and which is not.

They are sprinkled everywhere, especially with the rise of single sports betting. Not only are there commercials showing you which apps are the most popular in the country, on the evening sports shows they have whole segments related to gambling odds, and what bets they think are safe, and which are a bit more risky.But if you are betting in Sweden , and you decide you want to look at something in the eSports space – perhaps a League of Legends tournament, or a FIFA tournament – there aren’t any good places to figure out what is a good bet and which isn’t.

If you heavily follow the eSports industry, you know who the best bets are, perhaps. But if you are casually betting and looking to turn your few bucks into big rewards, there really isn’t anyone telling you that a certain player is a dark horse and could potentially run the table!

And that will come over time. eSports is on the rise, and has been going strong for a quite a while now. As the world of betting catches up with the eSports craze, I think you will see more happening in that space. So when that next DOTA tournament happens, perhaps you will have a better idea of which team you want to put your money behind. Ironically, I believe the eSports betting odds suggestions probably begin with every day video game websites.

They are the ones who need to cover the sport more closely on a grander scale. Millions of people visit the top 3 to 4 video game websites, and if these websites begin taking a bigger interest in eSports, I think you would see more action around betting odds.

But time will tell. As with sports betting and even political betting, these systems take time to create and put in place. And until that happens, people will need to continue betting blind on eSports.


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