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Super Mario Maker 2 – World Maker Update (Video)

Animal Crossing New Horizons is not the only Switch game getting an update this week! Last night, Nintendo announced a major update for Super Mario Maker 2! Check out the video below for more info.

Wow! What an update right?! I wish I still had this game. Yes, I traded this game in awhile back. I hadn’t been playing it. And now…so much new stuff is being added to it.

Of course, the major update (and the best) is the World Maker. Finally Super Mario Maker 2 players will be able to create whole Mario games. It looks like it’ll only be for the Super Mario World style though.

With the additions of the Kooplings, that make things even easier for the World Maker maps (end world bosses).

The Super Mario Bros 2 powerup looks pretty cool too. Actually all of the new powerups look great.

Also this is the final major update for this game. Whoa. I wasn’t expecting that news either. What an update to go out on though.

The Super Mario Maker 2 update will be available tomorrow,  4/22/20!

What do you think of the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 update? Will you be downloading it?


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