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New DLC Available – The Lost Gods – for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, and It’s Great!

If you haven’t read our various Immortals: Fenyx Rising reviews, you should. We have written a ton about this game on the site, from Mat Growcott’s next generation review, Kevin Austin’s look at the game on Nintendo Switch, and more! But what Ubisoft has done better than most is support their title with fantastic and varied DLC, and this is highlighted by their latest release, The Lost Gods.


From the publisher,

Immortals Fenyx Rising – The Lost Gods, featuring a unique top-down experience and brawler-style combat, returns to Fenyx’s story and their new life as a god. When disaster strikes the mortal world, Fenyx chooses a new hero to restore balance on Earth and reunite the lost gods. Players explore Pyrite Island as Ash, an enthusiastic mortal tasked with convincing Poseidon, Hades and other gods to return to the Pantheon. In this final post-launch adventure, players will be introduced to new gods and monsters, discover new regions full of challenges and secrets, and take on challenging new enemies. As part of a new progression system, players will also have access to powerful upgrades, specialized bonuses, and unique fighting styles, in addition to two brand-new abilities.

I’ve been playing this DLC throughout the day today, and am very impressed with how Ubisoft flipped the script from the adventure gameplay loop and went with a Diablo style, top down experience. Fenyx cannot be the hero this time around, so he must choose a hero to take on this task for him. Enter the female protagonist Ash, who will battle through waves of enemies to ultimately save the world once again.

While the gameplay style is different here, the same witty humour and writing exists. You’ll know you are playing something very unique here, but it is still very much Immortals. Don’t worry about that! This new DLC isn’t without it’s issues. Sometimes, because of the camera angles, certain enemies – most notably the harpies – will fly off screen, while still being very much a part of the fight. It’s a minor annoyance for sure, but one worth noting.

But again, fans of Ubisoft’s brand new IP should not be worried – this is still very much an immortals game with a slightly different camera angle and different abilities for our hero. You’ll still traverse a large world, you’ll still have access to a mount, and you still solve environmental puzzles to complete heroes. But the changes are enough to make The Lost Gods new and refreshing.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Stadia, Windows PC and Luna.


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