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More Thoughts From Me #167: Playstation Minus

Playstation Plus sucks. Why? Let me tell you why I don’t like Playstation Plus. I’ll also let know if there’s anything good about it and what I think it could do to improve.


Playstation Plus sucks. Basically, you pay for this service every month for its online. The free game lineup is pretty bad month in and month out. There was one recent game, OnRush, that thought was good, but other then that its just not worth downloading most of the games. And sure there are discounts and freebies, but its not enough for you pay for the service. Heck, PS3 and Vita owners get nothing now!

Is there anything good about it? Well, the online works most of the time.

Other than that, the service needs work.

Playstation could actually learn a lot from Nintendo. People say that Nintendo has awful online service, but at least they have a bunch of free games that you can play. And none of them go away! They are easily accessed from an app. Yes, they are older NES games, but this is an ever growing library of games. The service is $20 a year. I think its a pretty good deal. It’ll be even better when they start to roll out the SNES games!

I’ve heard some people suggest that Playstation Plus should also include Playstation Now. I totally agree with this! The Now lineup is ever growing and you don’t actually own the games. You stream the games from the app. So why isn’t this apart of Playstation Plus? Its simple: Sony makes more money with being seperate. Sony wants you to pay 60 for a year of Plus and 99 for a year of Playstation Now. It doesn’t sound good, but its the way things are.

So yeah the chances of them including Playstation Now as part of Playstation Plus is pretty much zero. At least this generation. There is speculation that maybe with the next Playstation, Sony will include both services together. That would be amazing.

Hey, it could happen! It sounds like Microsoft is going to do such a thing with Xbox Gold and Xbox Game Pass. Lucky Xbox owners!

Playstation Plus needs work. If they can’t include Playstation Now with the service, they should at least be giving people better games and more then two a month. Sony could add games like Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Playstation Plus owners should get Dreams Early Access for nothing or at a big discount.

For now, I plan to keep Playstation Plus because I want to get Dreams eventually. But then again, if I feel like my money could go to a better service or just to a cool game, then I might decide to end my subscription.

There are ways that the service could get better. Ways I’m sure I’m not even thinking of! What do you think? What could Playstation Plus add that you’d be happy with?

Next week: I hate to say it, but Animal Crossing Switch may be delayed. I’ve seen some people guessing that it will be and I’m starting to think they are right. In the next More Thoughts, I’ll talk about why I think so and what my reaction would be to a delay of the game. Also if its not delayed, when will we finally see a reveal?!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Just watch Sony announce something awesome for May’s Plus lineup. lol.


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