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If No PC, Dice Legacy on Switch is a Must Own

Dice Legacy mixes two genres I really enjoy – strategy and board games. Combining the two has created one of the more unique video game titles I had the opportunity to play in 2022, and my mind keeps working on how this could possibly turn into a board game! While I think that’s probably off the table – pun intended – there is a lot to love about Dice Legacy on PC and Nintendo Switch.

dice legacy

You can read our review of Dice Legacy on PC thanks to the always wonderful Gladiator! Check it out here!

In his review, Gladiator wrote,

The fate of your realm and your people is in the hands of a roll of a dice, these dices can do many things from gathering resources, to creating food or other important needs for your people to constructing many different types of building that will benefit your realm before the winter blizzard which I believe is the most challenging part of the game because you never know what to expect so make sure you always prepare for the challenge.

I begin my own impressions of the Nintendo Switch version by saying this: If you own a PC with enough power to play a mid-line game, please head over to Steam and buy Dice Legacy there. Why, you might ask? It’s pretty simple really – strategy games, tycoon games, etc. Even when they perform well on Nintendo Switch, controllers are never a substitute for a mouse.

And to that end, let’s get the negative out of the way first. This game is likely MUCH easier to play on a PC using a mouse than on the Nintendo Switch. There are just two many menus to wrap your head around and too many button combinations to worry about when clicking. So often, I was clicking left bumper – which rerolls dice – instead of hitting the right bumper – which locks dice from being rerolled. Obviously, just explaining that should help you realize why that is a problem. One button rerolls. One button locks dice from rolling. So as I looked at my dice (and if you are confused by this point click on Gladiator’s article above and then come back), I obviously wanted to lock some for later. Except I rerolled them. Dang it.

In handheld and on the TV, the text is just too dang small. OK, that’s it.

Dice Legacy is a must own, and if you don’t have access to a PC, the Switch version will more than suffice. Using your dice to gather resources, build buildings, collect food, and more is so much fun. As a survival game, you will agonize over whether to reroll dice that are currently useless to you, or to save them for future expansion. And the decisions are real and tough.

The gameplay loop, however, is stupidly addicting. Trying to survive winter after winter is great fun, as is planning out your districts so that you maximize your buffs and minimize your potential losses. Keeping your citizens (dice) happy adds an additional wrinkle to the entire system, and while it might seem daunting at first, it comes together so well.

New DLC is also launching and that will be available soon. So while this isn’t a review per se, we will have a full overview and our impressions of the DLC in the near future, so stay tuned for that. But if you are wondering what you should expect from the Switch version of Dice Legacy? Well, be ready for some frustrating controls and other minor issues. That being said, it is all worth it!


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