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Construction Fleet Sand Set 2-Pack Review

It might be cold outside, but my youngest son Lincoln has enough Kinetic Sand in his indoor sandbox to play with brand new CAT Construction toys. We recently looked at the Construction Fleet Sand Set 2-Pack ahead of this week’s March break, and Lincoln really enjoyed playing with this toy.


The Construction Fleet comes with two CAT trucks to play with, which I really enjoyed. That meant myself or Lochlan could play with Lincoln, and each of us have our own trucks to play with.

The two included vehicles are the dump truck and the loader. Both trucks are built of solid plastic, and have great movement in both the wheels and articulation in the dump truck bucket and the loader front end. Although these toys don’t have front end articulation for moving left and right, they are still solid toys that are very useful in your sandbox.

With the Kinetic Sand, both toys worked really well. Pushing and loading the sand into the dump truck was great, and even with a full load in the back, we had no issues pushing the truck across the floor, full of sand. We used these exclusively indoors, but even when they got a bit wet and the sand a bit heavy, they still performed really well.

My early thoughts when we were unboxing the toy was that perhaps under a heavy load of sand, things wouldn’t perform as indicated on the box. I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case.

For a sand toy not made of metal, this one is great. Further, I’m actually a bit happy this is an all-plastic toy. The reason for this is that my kids are not as careful with their outdoor toys as they should. I can guarantee that this will get left outside overnight, in the rain, and more. With a solid plastic build, it should hold up to those elements well.

Also included in the box are a few other sand toys and a CAT yellow hard hat. Lincoln LOVED playing with the hard hat, acting like he was really on a construction site. He loved his hat so much that even after putting his toys away for the evening, I found him sitting on the couch watching shows, still wearing the hard hat.


This is a solid product, and one we highly recommend. We have a review coming up for the CAT Metal dump truck, and while that one is more impressive and a bit higher in quality, it doesn’t have the playability of this one. This set is incredible, and is highly recommended by myself and GamesReviews. I’ll leave you with the copy provided by the PR firm, promoting this product. I think it sums up what you get nicely!

“Take outdoor fun to the next level with the Cat Construction Fleet Sand Set! This set gives you all the tools you need to tackle any construction job, including a push-powered vehicle along with a hard hat, shovel, and rake.

Safety comes first on the job site so proudly wear your Cat hard hat when you’re controlling the action by moving and posing the articulated vehicle buckets and booms just like the real thing. Use the hand tools separately or snap them together to help excavate the job site. Real Cat machines are known for their high quality, these toys are no different, built to withstand the elements and perfect for outdoor play.”


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