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Trivial Pursuit (Stadia) – Why Party Games Are Best Here

I’ve been playing a bit of Trivial Pursuit over the past week or so, and I’m quickly realizing that Google Stadia might be the ideal way to play these types of party / game show games! Why, because I can take this game anywhere, save myself a mess all over the table, and have friends join in. This is our look at Trivial Pursuit on Google Stadia!


Confused on Trivial Pursuit? Well, it is basically trivia…that involves a pursuit…to winning. OK, all jokes aside, players will move around the board collecting coloured game pieces that are associated with specific topics. Anytime you answer a question correctly on a colour shape spot on the board, you earn that game piece and work to collect the others. Once you’ve collected them all, you move to the middle and attempt to answer a final question to win the game.

Now, take that concept and remove the board, add in interesting different categories, and you’ve got a really cool version of Trivial Pursuit that is fun to play ,especially with friends. And this is where Google Stadia shines. I can take this game almost ANYWHERE, and have people connect to the system with almost anything they want, assuming it is blue-tooth.

And after that, it’s just great fun. There is nothing fancy here that will make you fall off your chair. Visuals are bland, voice acting is bland, audio is bland…but the gameplay is just pure damn fun, and in this type of experience, that really is all that matters.

Trivial Pursuit on Stadia isn’t breaking any walls down in terms of performance and look, but it doesn’t need to. It needs to have a serviceable look and feel with fantastic controls and gameplay. That is what we need. And that is what we get!



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