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Say No! More Will Give You the Ultimate Power Of No in April

Are you tried of…doing things at work? Do you just feel like telling people No!? Well, we have a video game for you. Say No! More will be releasing in April and will give you the ultimate power to just saying No (and blowing people away. literally).

Say No! More will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch, PC & Mac, iPadOS and iOS on April 9th. In this game you play as an office worker who…well…basically they’ve had enough. They’ve decided to say No! to everything.

As you can see from the trailer Say No! More features Minecraft style graphics and a delightful sense of humor. The controls are supposed to be very easy to learn and you just go around saying No to everything. And…people are actually blown away by the No! Its so absurd and I think it might just be the kind of thing that many of us need at the moment: humor and the power of No!

I like the cartoony, Minecraft graphics. I also think the character creator looks pretty cool. Say No! More looks like a game you’d want to play in small doses. Hopefully you’ll be able to save anywhere or maybe the levels just won’t be too long. It does seem like a great way to take out some aggression against your co-workers without actually doing it in real life. Not that I feel any aggression toward any of my co-workers. No sir. Not me. I love you all.

Say No! More will be out in April. Will you say No to this game or will you be picking it up?



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