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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Hogwarts Legacy Looks Stunning

Playstation had a new State of Play video today and it focused on Hogwarts Legacy! So what do I think of the game? Here are my thoughts on Hogwarts Legacy for the PS4/PS5.

Today’s State of Play showed off Hogwarts Legacy and it looked amazing.

First of all, let me note that I am a Harry Potter fan. I love the movies. I love the books. And so it shouldn’t be surprising that I like the look of Hogwarts Legacy. But I have to say that the game absolutely stunned me.

Now, before getting into why it looks stunning, I will note that the game might not be up to the level of graphics in games like Elden Ring or Horizon Forbidden West. The environments and monsters looked incredible, but some of the faces in the game looked like they still need a little work. So did the framerate in places. The game isn’t coming out till Holiday 2022, so hopefully they will improve the faces and framerate a bit.

That said, Hogwarts itself and the world around it is jaw dropping. The developers have actually created the whole of Hogwarts plus the surrounding town, houses, forests, dungeons, and more. It looks like there will be a massive world to explore. You can even use a flying broom to explore the outside world!

Not only that, but the game will let you craft potions, learn spells, combat monsters and wizards, go to classes, explore Hogwarts and more. Hogwarts Legacy looks like its going to be a Harry Potter fan’s dream come true.


The character creator looked very cool. I also loved that you have your own private space with the Room of Requirement and an era where you can even place houses and create your own world! It all looks so amazing.

Hogwarts Legacy takes what was only touched upon in the Lego Harry Potter games and expands it, introduces new elements, and creates own characters and story within the Wizarding World. Hopefully what was shown and what was even hinted at in this State of Play will all add up to a wonderful game.

We’ve seen games in the past that look great but then when you play them, turn out to not be so great. Hopefully Hogwarts Legacy will be as good as it looks or even better.

What did you think of Hogwarts Legacy? Are you looking forward to it?


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