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More Thoughts From Me #214: I Believe In Tetris 99

When I first played Tetris 99, I didn’t like it. It was multiplayer only and had no single player. Sure it was free, but thats pretty much all it had going for it. But recently I wanted a Tetris on my Switch and I knew that the game had paid DLC where you could get single player! So I decided to get the game and the DLC. What a great decision!


Tetris 99 is a blast.

The single player marathon mode is one of the best versions of Tetris I’ve ever seen. But not only that: I finally believe in the multiplayer. Yes, its chaos, but its fun chaos. And feels so great to get a high ranking. You can even play Tetris 99 multiplayer with the CPU. You have better chance of getting the #1 spot in the CPU mode too.

All of the modes in Tetris 99 are great. I’m sure many people are reading this going “Duh. Of course. I discovered all of this a long time ago.” It took me awhile. I didn’t like the multiplayer at first. I didn’t get the hype around Tetris 99. I get it now though.

The unlockables in Tetris 99 are pretty cool too. I love the Mario themed background that I have. It even has the Mario music. The themes remind me a lot of the Tetris that was on the DS. Where’s the Metroid theme?! I’d also love to see a New Horizons theme…

Since I got Animal Crossing New Horizons I haven’t been playing much else. I did take a break recently though to play Tetris 99. I’m sure I’ll do that again soon. Tetris 99 is a great version of a classic series. I’m glad I have it downloaded onto my system. It needs to stay there for good!

What do you think of Tetris 99? Are you still playing it? If you haven’t played it yet, get to it. The DLC is well worth the $9.99 and the base game is free.

Next week: I will play that Resident Evil 3 demo and have some thoughts on it next week!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Ok, now I’m getting back to Animal Crossing New Horzions.


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