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Lawn Mowing Simulator Launces on PlayStation 5

If you’ve ever wanted to be a master at….mowing lawns? Wait, I think I have the wrong script here guys! No? OK, it you’ve ever wanted to be a master at mowing lawns, then the latest release on the PlayStation 5 might have you excited to get back outside, virtually. Already available on the Xbox Series X, and part of Xbox Game Pass, Lawn Mowing Simulator is hitting the lawns on PlayStation 5, and you can pick it up now!


Check out some early gameplay of the Xbox Series X version of the game below!

In Lawn Mowing Simulator, players will begin to create their own lawn mowing company, purchasing equipment and completing jobs around the region. Jobs will pay a certain amount, with deductions for mowing over flower gardens and other, unmovable objects. Players will be able to scope the lawn before they start, removing items they don’t want to run over – cans, gnomes, sticks, etc. – before grabbing the mower off the trailer and beginning the job.

As you expand you empire, you will be able to hire employees, access more lawns to cut, and ultimately make more money. Kind funny how that works, right? In typical tycoon simulation fashion, there really isn’t an end goal to the game. Rather, you are working to create the most successful lawn mowing company that you can. And for simulation fans, it’s rather good.

On the Xbox Series X, the controls were tight, which is important when you are attempting very precise cuts around ornate flower gardens! There is also a really nice selection of tractors from various brands that will provide different advantages and disadvantages when cutting. Determine the best tractor for each job is only part of the fun. There is lots to explore in Lawn Mowing Simulator, so get on out there!

I wrote more about the game when the Xbox version launched, and you can read that here!


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