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Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is Relaxing on Nintendo Switch

I enjoy playing relaxing games on my Nintendo Switch, and there have been a plethora of them over the past few years. If you told me there would be a relaxing, sports centered game coming I would have laughed at you, but somehow Microids is doing just that. Even if you don’t enjoy skiing or snowboarding, there is so much to love in Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands, and I’m here for it!


You can check out 45 minutes of the game below!

In Grand Mountain Adventure – a similar version of the game is already available on mobile since 2019 – players will choose either a snowboarder or a skier and will tackle a number of mountains across numerous countries. The controls are simple enough, although checking out the controls menu is a must if you want to know how to perform tricks, flips, and spins. But basically, you will shift left and right on your control stick to maneuver your character down the hill, and will use a combination of both control sticks to perform flips, grabs, and more.

Surprisingly, it works really good for how simplistic it is. And it is required to be simplistic as the game wouldn’t be as relaxing with too many different button combinations to remember. The single player experience does pose a challenge, but not a frustrating challenge. It’s fun to retry runs time and time again to see if you can finally conquer the mountain. And when you feel frustration is setting in, just move onto and other challenge!

There is stuff outside the single player as well. You can play with up to 4 players locally, throwing snowballs at each other while racing to be the first to the bottom. You can also play in a zen-type mode, where there are no challenges, no wildlife, no other humans…nothing. And that was hella relaxing, and where I’ve actually spent the most time.

If you want a relaxing, sporting experience, you should start right here. Microids has done a fantastic job!


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