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Genesis Noir Explores The Cosmos on March 26

What happens when a watch peddler gets caught in the middle of a love triangle between two cosmic beings? An investigation across the cosmos to prevent (or destroy) creation and save his love! Welcome to Genesis Noir, a trippy black and white saga thats headed to consoles and PC next week!

Genesis Noir will be out on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and the Epic Games Store.

When I was looking at the Nintendo Switch eshop today, I was stunned by this game’s graphics. It just blew me away. The black and white (with occasional splashes of yellow) is unlike anything else on the eshop. I suppose Chicken Police comes close but Genesis Noir’s style is much more like a trippy cartoon brought to video games. It reminds of Pixar’s Soul a little bit.

And the game’s concept! Wow. The story sounds mind bending in very good way. The trailer for this game is really something else.

Genesis Noir is described as “A non-traditional point and click adventure” where you “Dial a rotary phone; destroy a civilization; plant a garden; improvise with a musician; create life”. Whew. Tall order there! This game looks like it’ll be one to keep an eye on.

What do you think of Genesis Noir? Will you be downloading it on March 26?


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