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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster – Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

I remember going to Gamestop at nine pm to pick up Final Fantasy X for the PS2. There was a really long line of people waiting for this game. I had never seen anything like it. I didn’t usually go to get games on the first day like that. I haven’t done that since, but it was well worth it for Final Fantasy X. It is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games. And now its coming to the Switch along with its sequel. Check out this trailer for the re-release!

Its going to be so great to play Final Fantasy X on the Nintendo Switch! It has a great story, epic visuals (in HD now) and a cool battle system. I also really love the sphere grid where you can level up your characters. What a fantastic game.

As for X-2, its not as good as the first game but I really like its job system. Its neat how you can change jobs in battle!

I’m looking forward to both games and hopefully will be able to review them both for this site.

Don’t forget though, Final Fantasy 7 is out first. That game comes out this month. Then Final Fantasy X/X-2 will be out in April along with Final Fantasy 12.

Are you looking forward to playing Final Fantasy X/X-2 again or for the first time?


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