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Dreams Early Access Wakes Up in April

Media Molecule’s Dreams will be coming to the PlayStation 4 via Dreams Early Access in April! When in April is it coming? How much will it cost? What will be in the Early access? We have the details!

Dreams, Media Molecule’s creation video game, will be coming to the Playstation 4 on April 16th. The game will be in Early Access and cost $29.99.

According to the developers, Dreams Early Access “won’t feature everything that the full release will have (our story mode being a big piece of that) but you’ll get our full tool set for creating, our interactive tutorials and arcade games, templates and additional content created by Media Molecule and access to what you, the Community, made during our Dreams Creator Beta.”

People who buy the Early Access verison will “also be getting the first hands-on with new features and content as we add them.”

Oh and if you’re worried about having to pay for the full game upon release, don’t worry about that! Media Molecule says that “Early Access is intended for Creators who will participate and contribute to Dreams Early Access, and in return, will have the full version of Dreams upon release.”

There will be no NDA for this release, which means that players will be able to share everything they create via social media if they want to.

Potential buyers of Dreams Early Access should note though that this version will be a limited release, however it will be “a big limit. That being said, to avoid disappointment, we do recommend you purchase as soon as you can to enjoy all of the creator tools available.”

I played the beta and enjoyed it a lot. The Early Access should be just as great, if not better. Of course I’m looking forward to the final release too. Dreams has the potential to be a really amazing experience for game creators and players alike!

Are you looking forward to Dreams Early Access? What will be your first creation?


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