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Dota 2 versus LOL MOBA gaming overview

Dota 2 versus LOL MOBA gaming is a hot topic in the gaming world today. A comparison between the two games can take hours, days or even weeks considering the fact that they belong to the same genre, multiplayer online battle arena genre (MOBA).


Individuals who have been out of the gaming industry for long might not know much about MOBA. There are different things that distinguish these games from each other. Similarly, there are certain things that bring the games together. To find out the difference and similarities which are existent between Dota 2 and LOL MOBA you read on.

Dota versus League of Legends-Heroes

The league of legends has 10 free heroes that can be used by everyone playing the game on a weekly rotational basis. As a player, you are allowed to buy heroes as well as their alternate skins and boosts with the help of your influence points. Players can obtain the influence points from the match for purchasing champions or they can also use Riot Points that are topped with real money to buy the heroes during the gaming exercise.

LOL MOBA versus DotA 2 heroes’ selection screen

There is a huge difference when it comes to the heroes’ selection in both games. In DotA 2, all the champions are available and one can use real money in order to buy cosmetic products as well as other customization during the game. In addition, you can obtain the mentioned items after the match. However, the chances of obtaining the items after the match are considered to be very minimal. There are certain sites that allow players of the game to place bets during tournaments on different items outlined. The maximum level when it comes to selection in League of Legends is 18 while DotA 2 allows up to 25.

Predicting the Outcome of Both Games

Online bookmakers offer betting markets on both Dota 2 and LOL pro games. They have many of the same betting opportunities because the games are so similar.


Using free bets is the best way to get used to the idea of staking eSports MOBA title. For example, try looking at list of the no deposit bonus options to get free bets for pro eSports events including Dota 2 and LOL. Free bets are a great way to sign up and play without making a deposit. You can decide whether you like the website and whether the markets on eSports are something that will make your betting experience more fun!

LOL MOBA versus DotA 2 Map

In DotA 2 you will only find one map. However, the game can support other custom maps created by gamers with different levels of skills and experience as far as gaming is concerned.

LOL MOBA versus DotA 2 Lane Game

Playing in the lanes on the two games is another distinguishing aspect. The LOL MOBA gaming has faster animations for attacking, moving and turning. This means that you can attain a higher speed when compared to DotA 2. If you try the two games then you will find DotA 2 lethargic compared to the League of Legends game. LOL MOBA does not allow gamers to deny building or creeps unlike DotA 2 that allows the concept of denying an enemy gold.


LOL MOBA versus DotA 2 gold

In DotA 2 you will notice that gold has been split into unreliable and reliable gold. To earn reliable gold, you must kill your enemy heroes, Roshan as well as a courier. You will only do this after destroying the enemy tower with the help of a hand of Midas item. To earn the unreliable gold, players have to use their creep kills skills thereby denying the enemy the hero costs. In DotA 2 you will be expected to buy certain items as well as use your capabilities to deal with specific heroes.