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5 Compelling Reasons for the Popularity of Online Bingo

Bingo is a unique social game which attracts a demographic predominantly composed of women. Although bingo is still alive and thriving in the UK and North America, UK bingo halls dropped by 75%. Many factors caused this dramatic change, and one of the reasons is the rising popularity of online bingo. In the US, playing online bingo is illegal in most states which is why the UK is considered as the largest online bingo market in the world.


How online bingo changed the game

What online bingo did to the game which land-based bingo halls could not achieve was to attract younger players. A gambling survey in 2014 found that some 3% of the UK population listed bingo as a weekly activity and apart from younger players joining the buzz, men are also slightly becoming more interested in online bingo.

Online bingo also spread the game to countries which did not have a strong affiliation for it such as Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and Portugal. In these countries, it is surprising to note that male participation is higher with some 65% of players in Spain.

What is the future of online bingo?

In the meantime, it is safe to say that bingo is thriving in many countries around the world, mainly the UK. But 40 years down the line, who’s to tell if the next generation will continue to find something to love about this simple, social game? There is an opportunity for online bingo operators to continue keeping the game exciting and market it in a way that new players will keep coming back and be entertained. Overall, there is much to love about bingo. Read further below to learn more.


Compelling reasons why people love to play bingo

Bingo is straightforward and fun to play. The mechanics are easy, and the game is perfect for passing the time. But why is online bingo popular these days? The following are five reasons why.

  1. Online bingo offers many game variations. The best bingo games available online are not only your typical 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball bingo; to make the game more interesting, online casino operators usually have a theme. There are also mini-games featured in online bingo sites or in bingo chat rooms. New players typically get a bonus for signing up, and there are ongoing promotions where players can qualify for and use for more play time.
  2. Caters to both the old and the young. The perception that bingo is only a game that old ladies play is gone. Online bingo sites have changed the image of bingo and made it a fun game to play, even by the younger generation. The many variations and bingo game themes cater to various demographics which is capable of drawing in new players who are keen to try something new.
  3. Bingo is a community. More than anything else, the great thing about bingo is its social nature. The same also applies to playing bingo online. There is already an established community of players which makes the game all the more fun and exciting. These online players have the opportunity to interact with other players and should they choose to, can also meet in person. Playing bingo online does not alienate you. It is not about competition, but a shared appreciation for the game dynamics of people of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  4. Live chat rooms. To bolster the social nature of the game, online bingo websites offer live chat rooms for players to interact. In these chat rooms, you can ask other players for tips and pointers as well as share some harmless banter now and then. There is usually a chat host, and sometimes there are min games you can join to earn some rewards and bonuses.
  5. You can win large prizes. Apart from playing bingo just for fun, it does not hurt to win prizes once in a while. Online bingo sites can offer big jackpots on some of the online bingo games they have. There are sites with jackpots that go up to £100,000, while there are some games with progressive jackpots that could be worth a lot more. By offering these jackpots, players keep on coming in hopes of finally lucking out and winning the grand prize.

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These are only five of the reasons why online bingo is very popular these days, but perhaps there is more to online bingo than meets the eye. In many ways, it is a game that does not require following complex rules and learning strategies. The player is simply out there to participate in a game of pure chance, and the best part about it is that you are not alone. Although you are playing in the privacy of your home, you are still interacting with an entire community of like-minded individuals with whom you share something in common.


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