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Swords & Strategy: A Look At Legna Tactica for the 3DS

I love strategy rpgs. My favorite of this genre is still Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation 1, though I am a huge fan of the recent entries in the Fire Emblem series. So when an indie developer brings a strategy rpg to the 3DS, I’m always interested. Legna Tactica is currently available on the 3DS eshop. I recently received a review copy of the game and I’ve been playing it a lot. My review isn’t ready yet, but I thought it was time that I give all of you a look into the world of Legna Tactica for the 3DS.


Legna Tactica has elements of all the popular strategy rpgs, such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and Disgaea. The grid movement is right out of Tactics, the tall characters remind me of Disgaea, and the tons of dialogue and story scenes scream Fire Emblem. But does Legna Tactica have an original bone in its body?

There is no job system in Legna Tactica, instead each character has his or her own skill tree to level up. This is the main thing that sets Legna Tactica apart from the previous strategy rpgs I mentioned. While the skill trees are not huge, there’s are some cool abilities for each of the characters to learn. I like the skill tree a lot and its always interesting seeing what ability comes next. Gameplay wise, Legna Tactica is pretty similar to the other strategy rpgs out there but that’s not a bad thing.

I like how challenging this game is at times. You can’t just easily go through every battle. You have to think out and plan where you want each of your characters. Some of the battles are a bit hard and even battles you think should be easily might not be if you are careless. I love this kind of strategy rpg gameplay and I’m happy that Legna Tactica is similar to my favorites.

What about the game’s graphics, controls, and story though? Hey, I have to leave something for my upcoming review! I need to play Legna Tactica a bit more, so I’m not sure when the review will be coming. Please stay tuned to for my Legna Tactica review.


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