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More Thoughts From Me #157: Checking Out Dreams

Dreams is a Playstation 4 exclusive game that will let you create your own video game (and other stuff), share it, and play other people’s creations. If you played LittleBigPlanet, you’ll have an idea of what Dreams is but only know the half of it. The LittleBigPlanet series is great. I love it. Dreams is not out yet, but I can already tell you its bigger and better than LittleBigPlanet. How? I got to play the recent Dreams beta on the Playstation 4. I’ll tell you all about it.


There was originally a non-disclosure agreement for the Dreams beta. That means that I couldn’t talk or write about the Dreams beta. Media Molecule and Sony lifted that NDA recently. Now I can spill the beans.

The Dreams beta was amazing. I say was because the beta is over. It ended yesterday. I miss it already. A lot.

The Dreams beta felt like a finished game. It wasn’t, of course, because none of the single player content was in the beta. Instead, players got to make games, levels, stories, characters, whatever, of their own and share them online. Then other players could play these created things. And it all worked great. The creations in the beta could easily be shared and played. The things that people created were mind blowing.

I saw games that were in first person mode, in outer space, platformers, works of art, a golf game, and so many others. I know I am not doing any of these levels justice! Dreams is a game that you have to see to fully believe. I was excited for it before the beta but now I’m like “is the game out already?!”

That said, I never created anything. I tried. I played around with the editor and didn’t get anywhere. I had a hard time with the controls and did not know where to start with creating something. There were a lot of options in the Dreams beta. The editor isn’t as easy to use, at least for me, as LittleBigPlanet’s editor. It is an amazing tool. I think if I went through all the tutorials, which I didn’t and came up with a plan, I might be able to create something. I’m not sure.

I’m still very excited for Dreams. I’m excited because there are people who know how to use Dreams. They are already creating things that I’m sure I could never in a million years create. And there’s lots of people doing that. There will be even more when the game comes out.

I will, without a doubt, be someone who mostly plays Dreams when it comes out. I’ll focus on the single player stuff and the stuff that people create and share online. And I’ll try to create my own things. I may fail. But I know that I’ll have fun coming up with something.

The Dreams beta was just the tip of the iceberg. The finished Dreams game is going to be something that no Playstation 4 owner, heck no gamer period, should miss. If you don’t have a PS4, go get one for this “game”. The possibilities for Dreams are endless.

Did you play the Dreams beta? What did you think of it?

Next week: Kingdom Hearts 3! I’ve been playing this game and have a lot of thoughts on it.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I wonder when Dreams will be released…


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