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Hogwarts Legacy – Official Launch Trailer

Hogwarts Legacy will be out for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S next week! An official launch trailer was released today. Please check it out and then come back here for our thoughts on the game.

Hogwarts Legacy continues to look amazing. In the official launch trailer, we get more of a glimpse at the game’s story. A new student comes to Hogwarts as a fifth year student and gets into lots of trouble. We see a dragon, a mysterious cavern, stone knights, and many other beasts in the trailer. Plus some time in Hogwarts as a student! There is going to be a lot to do in this game with the story, side quests, and big open world, plus Hogwarts, to explore.

We’re pretty excited for Hogwarts Legacy and you can expect coverage of the game as it releases. If you buy the digital deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy you’ll get the game on February 7th! If you get the standard edition, the game comes out on February 10th. No matter what, the game comes out next week!

Are you excited about Hogwarts Legacy?


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