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Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows DLC Arrives This Week

Fire Emblem will be a rather large story DLC this week! Let’s talk about it a little bit.


Fire Emblem Three Houses will get a large story DLC pack this Wednesday, February 12th!

The DLC pack is called Cindered Shadows. It feature a brand new 4th House. The House is underground, literally, in a place called the Abyss. The story is seperate from the main game and yet, it will affect the main game.

The player will, eventually, be able to recruit four new characters into Part 1 of the regular game. These characters can join your House and will continue onto part 2 of the game.

So Cindered Shadows gives you a new game to play and also gives you new options for the old game.

The DLC is part of the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Expansion pass. The pass can be bought right now for $24.99 on the Nintendo Switch eshop!

Will you be checking out the new story DLC?


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