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Disintegration Technical Beta Stats Released

Disintegration, an upcoming first person sci-fi shooter, completed a four day technical beta this week which incorporated players from over 180 different countries! Set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity’s solution to extinction was the preservation of the human brain into a robotic armature by a process called Integration. The Integrated began hunting humans, seeking to push humanity forward into a fully robotic, integrated solution.


In the campaign, you will play as one of many Integrated who rebelled against this movement, and you must fight to preserve humanity against the Integrated faction, the Rayonne. From the pilot’s seat of a weaponized Gravcycle, Disintegration sees you simultaneously command your troops while supporting them with a variety of unique unit abilities and a deadly arsenal of weaponry.

The game will also feature three PvP game modes on launch, requiring team coordination, utilization of ground units and maximizing the destructive capabilities of the Gravcycles. There will be several different Crews to choose from, each with a unique loadout and combat role.

With the recent completion of the Disintegration Technical Beta, developer V1 Interactive released a list of top stats from the event – take a look!


If I knew nothing else about the game, simply knowing that there is a Boom Box attachment would be enough to make me intrigued! After having watch the gameplay trailer and reading about the game, it looks like a weird and wonderful blend between Destiny, XCOM and Overlord – and who could possibly resist trying out any game that incorporates elements of those game? Not this guy, that’s for sure!

Unfortunately, the Technical Beta has concluded, meaning those of us who missed it will have to wait for the full release to experience this mania. While there is not yet a set release date for Disintegration, it has been confirmed that the game will come out in 2020 – so keep your eyes out for an official release date!

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