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Citizens On Earth and In Space: A Look At Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space

Do like rpgs? Do you like Earthbound? Do you feel like you should be buying not one game, but two games in the same package? Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space is an rpg, its sort of like Earthbound, and its two games in one! Is it any good? Time to check out Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space for the Nintendo Switch!


Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space is not one, but two rpgs. The games are Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space. We are still working on our review of this game but thought it would be good to take a look at this collection. Its available now on the Nintendo Switch eshop.



In Citizens of Earth, you play as the vice president of Earth who is out to recruit and help people in his quest to make the Earth a better place. Citizens is a very quirky game. It has a weird sense of humor, a partly first person turn-based battle system, and lots of modern day exploration.

When thinking about rpgs set in modern day, its hard not to think of Earthbound. Citizens of Earth is clearly inspired by that classic rpg, however it has its own unique setting and characters. If you enjoyed Earthbound, then you will most likely want to check out Citizens of Earth too.



That said, Citizens of Space is the better game so far.

In Citizens of Space, you play as the ambassador to Earth. He looks a lot like the VP of Earth from the other game. He even sounds like him . We are pretty sure he is the same character. This time, he is in space and starts off at a space station but then goes off to explore planets and other places.

Much like Citizens of Earth, Space is very quirky and never takes things too seriously. The new setting makes things more interesting, with lots of unique (alien) characters to meet and recruit. And the battle system is improved: this time the combat will remind you of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Your characters are to the left of the screen, the enemy to the right, and timed button presses make your characters hit harder. Its pretty good.

Both games are fun, though as mentioned Citizens of Space seems like the best of the two at the moment. One of the coolest things is that you can switch between the two games at any time. Just press the minus button and the game will ask you if you want to switch to the other game. Progress will be saved and on you go. And you can switch back at any time. Its an easy process and a very interesting way to play both games. There is also voice acting for both and I’m enjoying that so far. In fact, overall, before games are very good.

Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space are fun rpgs. We hope to have our review of Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space soon. Please keep an eye on for more coverage of this collection.

Thank you KEMCO for providing a digital code for our preview/review of this game. Citizens Unite!: Earth X Space is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop.


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