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Challenge: recording a game podcast

Most devoted podcast fans who spent years listening to narratives and discussions to game updates find an idea to record something on their own enticing. At first sight, the task seems to be overwhelming. But the striking popularity of podcasts nowadays wins.


This article is for everyone looking for a method to start a gaming podcast recording. The process is not as frightening as it seems at first sight!

Reasons for recording a gaming podcast

Naturally, someone passionate about gaming wants to share emotions, experiences, news, and so on. A podcast is an excellent idea to generate a circle of like-minded people. Moreover, who would not like to be the king of the show?

Although podcasting is not a new idea, an author can always contribute new ideas to the speech. It’s never too late to start it. The main task is to stand out from the crowd of more than 10 million blog posts uploaded each day. Before starting the recording process, ensure that you:

  • are  well-versed in the industry and well-familiar with your niche;
  • have connections with influential authorities, communicate with them as a guest and being a part of their audience;
  • own equipment for recording or ready to purchase it.

Remember, you will need the most ordinary things at the beginning. Video subtitles and other stuff you will do later. That’s it for onboarding. Podcasters will highly likely start getting an immediate advantage because they have comparatively less competition than other content authors. And there are so many people on the Internet who are keen to share their emotions too.

Game podcast creation: a step-by-step guide

When you have persistently decided to pitch in, follow the intrusions:

1. Consider the goal of your podcast. Determining your target will help to generate the content. Podcasters usually want to gain additional experience, win subscribers, communicate with authorities, or find job opportunities and get clients. Whichever aim you have, focus on your sub-niche. Think about the most valuable features that will distinguish you from other podcasters. Choose the themes for interviews and activities to grab the attention. It is vital to stay specific. Keep your podcast series flowing smoothly. It will stimulate the creation of other podcasts, allowing other people to know you better. Do your best to make the content simplistic, memorable, and unique, representing your values. You may get some inspiration from these podcasts:

All of these podcasts stars paved their way to success and popularity; their experience may be influential and inspiring in some way for beginners. For yourself, choose the game that makes you excited. You should know everything about it, and stay excited. Your series will be more engaging if you send your audience a piece of love, passion, and excitement.

Once you have cleared your mind, go to the next stage.

2. Prepare the equipment. The minimal set required for a podcast recording is a microphone, computer, and editing software. The budget does not mean much for amateurs. The start is vital. You can try to launch your project for $100, or even less sum. Focus on the theme you will be discussing. Your audience does not care about the quality of your tech and will quickly leave you if you represent yourself weakly. However, tech is essential. Let’s count the most important items:

  • Microphone: frequently inexpensive microphones can produce a good sound. Whether you have big plans to record a video and withdraw a sound from it or make a video transcription, consider adding speech-to-text software to the kit. Observe the tech market items; microphones have various features. For instance, omnidirectional ones record the sound from all directions in the highest quality. If you are lucky to purchase something like Behringer Podcastudio that includes headphones, a microphone, a mixer, and an audio interface with a USB connection, that would be excellent.
  • Computer software. Stop thinking about buying a new PC to record podcasts specifically. Audio recorders and editors are available in various software for Mac and Windows. Look through the most reliable ones with free usage or minimal fees for the license.

You’ve finished this step, and it’s time to move on.

3. Planning. Becoming the show host, producer, and promoter is a responsible task. Planning supposes a schedule for a day, a week, or even a month. Ensure that you have got excellent time-management skills. Writing a script requires concentration and in-depth thinking about your project. Plan your time effectively to avoid an endless messy speech. Make bullet points to make yourself focused and easygoing during a conversation. Since there are so many options for entertainment, the ideas for a script are endless. All is up to you. Remember that your show must be exciting, so show yourself as a good host for your guests. Also, people love regularity. Do you remember popular TV shows broadcasted regularly at the same time and days of the week? That’s it. People want to know what is inside the box and what to expect. They invest their time in your podcast eventually (not anyone else) and rest their hopes to hear something new and sparkling. When sharing your thoughts, remain organized: time is always limited. Plan a compact discussion focusing on the most crucial points.

4. Co-host. Doubtlessly maintaining a conversation is more pleasant and engaging for listeners than a monotonous speech. To choose a companion, consider the following. Co-host should:

  • feel excited about the same theme as you;
  • have an experience in the game you will speak about;
  • be in good relations with you;
  • Possess good personal qualities, such as responsibility, readiness to help, respect, etc.

The best way to record a podcast in a conversational form is by talking to people whose company you enjoy. It would be wonderful if your co-host could share with you a part of the work, e.g., promotion, audio editing, etc.


5.Recording.  Your mood is everything. Do your best to be flexible and treat your listeners and interlocutors with respect. It’s cool when you can enjoy the process. People feel it immediately, and it attracts them to you even more. Do not record all at once. Divide the whole record into several parts for proper testing instead. Have a browser open for a quick search of the urgent facts. Naturally, all people fear speaking in front of the audience. No fear! Keep calm. You can overcome it. You are already a great personality if you have given up till this stage.

6.Editing. The record is ready, and here you come to polish it. Eliminate moments of awkwardness, silence, pauses, mumbling. Make your podcast sound professional yet natural. Editing can last months if you are too picky. Use the magic wands: voice-to-text software that will help you with SEO improvement; and files convertors. It seems like the world is ready to hear your masterpiece!

7. Publishing and marketing issues. Once the first episode of your gaming podcast is ready, you should start searching for a platform to let it go into the world. On the way, you will meet:

  • podcast hosting platforms: charges for 100-250 MB of storage in the range of $5-$15 (Soundcloud, Buzzsprout, Libsyn, Mixcloud);
  • Directories: uploading episodes is chargeless (Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Deezer).

After uploading, let people hear it. For that, you need the complex measurements:

  • promote your podcast via social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc.);
  • convert audio to video format for posting the podcast on Youtube and blog;
  • create subtitles and use SEO extensively to spread your cast wherever is appropriate.

You will get familiar with marketing strategies later after gathering at least a limited group of listeners.

The Takeaway

Do not get upset if something does not work the way it should from the first time. Naturally, failures happen. Use it as a motivation in your further progress, and do not stop on the achievement. Time and consistency are your best friends.

Pay attention to comments. The crowd will help to make the corrections for your following podcasts. Your further works will be more audience-focused and gather even more listeners, fans, and subscribers. You will not regret trying when everything works well.

You will have to obtain digital marketing knowledge to operate your podcasts and audience successfully when your audio library grows. If you have plenty of new ideas but lack time, talented international transcriptions are always ready to assist. Good luck!