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How to buy a gaming chair that will last

For hardcore gamers, having somewhere decent to sit whilst playing is a given. If you spend hours in front of your console you’ll want to get the most comfortable chair for gaming you can find. But with so many different options out there, choosing the right one can be daunting. Here’s what you need to consider before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Will the chair be only be used for gaming?

Gaming chairs are primarily designed for playing computer games but they can also be used for watching TV or reading a book and they are a great place to chill out after a hard day. Their ergonomic design cradles your body in a more efficient way than a sofa or conventional chair. So, if you want to spend hours sitting down, there’s nowhere better. That said, before you buy a gaming chair, have a think about what else you will be using it for. Designs vary from swivel office- style chairs, which are best for PC gaming,to low ground-level options with built in speakers, which are more suited to console gaming.


Look at the spec before you order

Buying online is great but photos can be deceiving, so make sure you look at the chair’s dimensions before you order. Consider your height and weight and check that the chair can support you. Chairs that are adjustable tend to suit most people as they are more versatile.  If your TV screen/monitor is high up, a low level chair probably won’t be suitable. Similarly, if your TV is low down, an office-style chair will make it difficult to see the screen.

Considering the size of the gaming chair will also help you decide whether it will fit in with your current set up.  You probably don’t want to have to replace your TV stand or desk to accommodate a new chair, so choose carefully.

It’s also vital that you ensure that the chair you choose is compatible with your console or PC. Not all chairs suit all consoles or PCs so check and double check.

Do you want a gamer’s chair with built-in speakers?

If you already have a decent surround sound system,or are more concerned with comfort than subwoofers, then you probably won’t want to go for an all-singing all-dancing set-up. However, if you want the full 4D experience while gaming then look for a chair with built in speakers.

Gaming chair top picks

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

Constructed using metal and wood with a padded vinyl covering, this chair is durable and stylish. The speakers and subwoofer are decent quality and it is comfortable enough for lengthy gaming, and the fact it folds up makes it perfect for even small homes. Unfortunately the speaker’s point outwards, so it doesn’t offer as an immersive experience as you might like and it isn’t compatible with some older consoles. So keep this in mind if you enjoy retro gaming from time to time. Its low level height is ideal for console gaming but no good for gamers with bad backs. However, despite all that, it is wireless and one of the cheapest gaming chairs on the net.


The Ferrino Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair by Rapid X

If you have all the tech you need on your gaming set up, and comfort is your priority then the Ferinno chair might be just the ticket. The bucket seat design is usually reserved for racing cars but gives it a sporty and stylish feel. It can bend in numerous positions and can support up to 265 pounds so you can move around easily as you work or play. The office-style design make it versatile enough for a formal or recreational environment and the lumbar support and foam filling make it very comfy.  The downside of this chair is that the sturdy frame weighs 60lb so it is not very portable but if you plan to keep it in one room, you won’t have a problem. It is so comfortable you probably won’t want to get up anyway. If you do decide to treat yourself to one of these, get saving though, as they aren’t cheap.

The X Rocker 51396

X Rocker are streets ahead when it comes to gaming chairs but even by their standards, this one is pretty impressive. It’s finished in tough vinyl, has double speakers and a subwoofer and has a high back, so will even tall people will be  comfortable. No back pain worries with this one, as it will keep you perfectly upright during your gaming session. Its sturdy metal frame and swivel base mean it’s strong enough to stand the test of time too.The X Rocker 51396 works on PC, pretty much any console, and even your TV. This chair is wired so will need to be plugged in to get the full experience. Also, for long gaming sessions you might need extra cushions. However, despite its drawbacks, it combines the versatility of the office style gaming chairs and the comfort of a low-level chair and is pretty good value for money.