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The Rise of FIFA Ultimate Team

Back in 2009, someone in EA Sports’ head office in California had the bright idea of implementing FIFA Ultimate Team into their already money-spinning FIFA franchise. The idea was a revolutionary one, and 14 years on from that decision, FUT, as it’s now affectionately known, is the game’s primary money maker. But what is FIFA Ultimate Team, and how did it become so beloved?


It’s a little-known fact that Ultimate Team was first trialed in FIFA’s UEFA Champions League spinoff game released in 2006. The game acted as a trading card game, in which gamers could pay in coins for packs, which would unlock better players for their team. Gamers would have to find a way to make these footballing stars work together using chemistry – which is gained from having players from the same league or country – in the starting eleven.

It took three years for FUT to make it to the main FIFA game, and when it did, EA Sports had the ingenious idea to allow gamers to pay for packs with real money. Many had likened the game to the exciting table games that can be found on websites such as, with gamers placing wagers on the game in the hopes of getting something in return. And even when they didn’t the experience was still an exciting one.

Ultimate Team revolutionized the gaming world, with other franchises following suit and allowing gamers to make in-game purchases. But how did we get this far?

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, is a game mode in the EA Sports FIFA video game series. It was initially released in 2009 and has since become one of the most popular game modes in the franchise.

FUT is an online gaming mode in which players build their own virtual football team from real-world players, and compete against other teams in a variety of tournaments. The game mode has been credited with significantly increasing EA’s revenue, and has become a cornerstone of the FIFA franchise.

How Does FUT Work?

FUT is based on the concept of building a team of real-world players from a variety of leagues and competing against other teams online. Players can acquire players and other items for their team by purchasing “packs” of cards, which contain a variety of players and other items.

The players can then be used to form a team, which can be used to compete in a variety of tournaments, leagues, and other competitions. In addition, players can also trade and auction players, items, and other game features with other players.

How Has FUT Improved EA’s Revenue?

FUT has been credited with significantly increasing EA’s revenue. The game mode has been praised for its ability to draw in more players to the franchise, as well as its ability to create a lucrative micro-transaction system.

This system has allowed EA to generate revenue from players who are willing to purchase packs of cards and other items in order to improve their team. As a result, FUT has been a major factor in EA’s increasing profits over the past several years.

Common Complaints from Gamers

Despite its success, FUT has also been the subject of some criticism from gamers. Some players have criticized the game mode for its emphasis on micro-transactions, which can lead to players spending large amounts of money in order to improve their teams. Additionally, some players have also complained about the game mode’s reliance on random card packs, which can lead to players receiving players that they don’t want or need.

FUT Competitions and Prizes

FUT is also home to a variety of tournaments and other competitions. These competitions can range from small, local tournaments to larger, international competitions. Players who compete in these tournaments can win prizes, such as in-game items, special players, and other rewards.

Additionally, the game mode also features a variety of special events, such as tournaments hosted by professional football clubs, which offer unique rewards and prizes.

What’s next for FUT?

The current and next installment of FUT will be instrumental in the game mode’s progression. FIFA 23 – which is the franchise’s most recent release – was widely commended by both gamers and critics for its implementation of the real-life FIFA World Cup into the current version of Ultimate Team. Gamers had plenty of objectives to achieve, squad-building challenges to complete, and special editions of players to collect, based on what was transpiring in Qatar throughout November and December.

That was a rousing success, however, what comes next remains to be seen. EA Sports have confirmed that they and world football’s governing body will be going their separate ways after almost three decades of partnership. Where the franchise goes from here remains to be seen.

EA Sports have confirmed that they will continue making football simulation games under a new name, EA Sports FC. Whether the split from FIFA affects Ultimate Team is unknown, but one would suspect that it wouldn’t. As such, FUT will live on, let’s just hope its new name isn’t abbreviated to EASFCUT, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.