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The Greater Beginnings

In 2022 Destiny 2 turns 5, which is a number that some other looter shooters only hope to achieve. Five years is a long period, and through these years, this game has lived through all the highs and the lows.


Nevertheless, it remains to be a first-class AAA live service game. 3 major expansions have been released so far, with the fourth one just around the corner, and two more are confirmed to come out in the future. And what’s cool about all of this is how the franchise entered the scene – the first game made a big splash in the video games industry with the expensive PR campaign. There’s no doubt it helped with building a solid player base around the game.

Today this fanbase is as loyal as ever. Bungie really does approach a lot of things about their live-service game like no other. Completing challenges in the game unlocks access to secret merch and exclusive merch that can be purchased off the official store. But we’re not here to talk about the merch. We’re here to talk about the Destiny 2 boosting service. So, where does it land in all of this?

Despite all of the things that make this game so great, D2 is still not without its flaws. These flaws come in all shapes and sizes; however, the majority of them are related to the game’s progression system and aggravating grinding mechanics, which are forcing gamers to spend more time in the game than they perhaps would prefer to. And so the Destiny 2 carry service, as it also may be called, is just a neat way to get around these barriers that frankly make you hate the very thing that you love and enjoy!

Dragging Yourself Across Content

If we dive deeper into this swamp of things that make everyone experience in D2 outright miserable, then we should address the elephant in the room right away. It’s the gearing system and the need to reach the Gear cap as fast as possible. No one in their right mind would want to have anything less than the maximum allowed Light score of the current season, and yet all of the players are stuck under it for the majority of the season.


They only get there to the absolute cap by the end of the season and don’t even get a lot of time to enjoy it because once the new season or expansion hits, it’s the same grind loop all over again. This is why the Destiny 2 Power Level boost is arguably the most popular service on our website. Will this trend change in 2022?

Very unlikely, this is what the game is based on now. It’s one of the staples that hold the whole live-service thing together. Without it, there wouldn’t be a need for many microtransactions, the premium season pass, and so on. Players would also not have to spend days, weeks, or even months grinding through the old content, swapping the gear they don’t want to have chasing single digits on the gear’s counter.

In rare cases, if you accidentally delete your character, the official recovery Destiny 2 character doesn’t work the way you think it is. We’ve known gamers who had to start from scratch like a new player, which isn’t a fun feeling – losing a character you poured hundreds of hours into. To help you get back on your feet fast in cases like this, we offer Destiny 2 competitive carry – the kind of quality of service where you expect to go everything perfectly. And this is exactly the kind of service that you should always seek out.

Will It Get Worse?

So going back to the topic of this article – will any of this be different in the future expansions? We wouldn’t hold our breath for that to happen. The Witch Queen expansion that comes out in February will mark a new era for the game bringing a whole new story campaign and a few exciting new mechanics.

None of these mechanics, however, can be expected not to be something you’d have to farm for. The so-called weapon crafting will surely add a plethora of resources that will be sprinkled over all of the Destinations in the game. And there’s no telling in what quantities you’ll need each resource or how hard will be it to obtain the parts that you need to make a weapon. Furthermore, the new melee-weapon subclass the glaive will be added. Obviously, that means that there will be exotic and legendary glaives.

Who knows, maybe they are planning to add one in the Trials reward pool. By the way, we cannot ignore the fact that not only the PvE component of the game is grindy. The amount of sales of Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris boost is the direct proof of that. It often truly is impossible to make it to the Lighthouse sometimes and claim those rewards. Having such a handy service at your disposal just feels great. Not only that, but you get the chance to the player with the better players than the majority of the game’s community, and that has to count for something! That is one of the many advantages of using Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Carry.

The Secret Weapon Up Your Sleeve

But let’s go back to the real downers. Destiny 2 Power leveling will become as important as ever as the new Power cap will be presented in the expansion. Back when Shadowkeep came out, the biggest beef the fans had with it was the grind. It was outrageously long, and we expect the same to be true for Witch Queen.


There’s a way around it. You can’t bypass a linear progression system, as there’s simply no substitute for making your character become stronger the more hours you play. That is why Destiny 2 character boost is incredibly convenient. It would let you enjoy the story of the expansion, and once you’re done with it, the road to the Max Power will be in your grasp once you take advantage of this service.

Once again, it is not likely that such an important aspect as power grinding will experience a significant change in favor of simplification. If anything, we could expect things to get worse in the future. Whether it will happen or not, we do not know. What we do know is that the content gets outdated quickly. Today the rewards for the Deep Stone Crypt raid may be relevant, but once the new raid drops, you better be ready to farm it. But with help from LFcarry, there won’t be anything you won’t be able to do!