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S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster is coming to PC this spring

What a pig looks like, everyone can see. Mostly it occurs in the form of ham or pork knuckle but there are also known endemic variations of sausages  that can be found in many supermarkets.

However only few know that a pig can sometimes take the form of a can. There is also the extremely rare specimen of a canned pig, whose natural habitat is a certain production from the RTS genre called S.W.I.N.E..



The past…

This funny strategy war game, which was first released in 2001, allows you to fight leading the aggressive pigs or the peace-loving rabbits to victory in several battles.

The game was created by people responsible for the well-known and valued strategy Codename: Panzers and can be seen as their kind of warm-up before “serious” games. Just like in Panzers, also in S.W.I.N.E. our whole army is just a few-dozen specialized units acquiring experience during fights and thus becoming much more valuable. There is also no economy in any sense.

The future…

18 years later, a few core members of the original developer team under Hungarian Kite Games studio, helps us relive the iconic slogans and legendary fights. The remastered version of the game brings a new appearance and new content as well. Camera movements were modified (extended zoom range) and a more detailed battlefield was developed. Units also received a better texture, and they are more lifelike due to animated unit movement. The official online multiplayer mode will become available again, and you can also enjoy the LAN parties soon.

For this unique edition, the original game was remastered with so much care, love and attention that only the original developers and a few hardcore fans could give.

A bit of a story…

It all started with the armed aggression from Pigs nation on to peacefully State of Hare, in order to expand the living space of the pigs. Under the leadership of the tyranny of the Iron Fang, the pigs quickly push down the armed forces of the Hare to the defensive and their victorious march stops on the capital of the country, which they take in the siege. At this point, we get under our command several units, which compensate their small number with excellent training. Initially, our task is to break the stretched and thus poorly protected supply lines of the enemy and then, along with subsequent successes, a gradual takeover of the strategic initiative and the final victory over the  aggressor.


Our goal is only to fight and, of course, victory. Unlike Panzers, our branches include basically only land vehicles represented by tanks, mortars, self-propelled artillery, rocket launchers and a whole lot of auxiliary vehicles as well as a bomber plane and supply helicopter (over which, however, we have no direct control). It is probably dictated by the desire to reach younger audiences, as the game does not contain any violent scenes due to such a prosaic fact as the lack of infantry.

However, one who would think that S.W.I.N.E is a game (only) for children would be wrong. Despite the slightly frivolous stylization, this is RTS full-body. Our units are damaged during the fight, they consume fuel and ammunition, which must be brought to them by appropriate tractors. The issue of balancing the units is refined – such a tank is, for example, resistant and has a high firepower but it is slow, so you have to keep watch while it moves, if the convoy hits an ambush – hence the very important role of the formation.

The digital edition of the game will be released in the spring of 2019 on Steam for a basic price of $ 9.99 (€ 9.99). Those Steam users who buy the game will not only receive a 10% launch discount, but they will also get the complete, remastered soundtrack of the game, a digital book with exclusive concept art and a documentary about the making and remastering of the game.

If you have been  in love with the Codename: Panzers or Ground Control years ago and combat system where tactics are more important than economics and management, or if you just want some unpretentious entertainment with a pinch of salt – S.W.I.N.E. it’s just for you.

S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster is coming in the spring of 2019 on Windows!