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Master Your Adventure Maker Set a Good LEGO Buy

If you gave – or received – the Super Mario LEGO starter kit over the holidays, you are probably overwhelmed by the number of additional LEGO set packs you can purchase to supplement what you get with the starter kit. We’ve purchased and received for a review most of wave one, and really enjoyed what we got. As wave two launches, it’s become quite obvious that after the starter kit, purchasing the Master Your Adventure Maker Set is easily the next thing you should buy, unless you are buying purely for displaying.


We have not used or reviewed the Master Your Adventure Maker Set yet, but hope to soon!

Why is this set so important? It’s simple really – Super Mario LEGO is all about customization and play, and although the phone app walks you through the basic setup of each set you purchase, ultimately this is a LEGO creators dream. You get to put the sets together however you want, create an epic Super Mario course, and run your Mario through it to see how many coins you can collect.

Enter the Master Your Adventure Maker Set, where fans can actually customize those little sensored bricks to do more than just give you a coin, or give you a star power up. Using the blocks in the set, you’ll be able to create a LEGO machine that can customize the bricks for you. While all the data is actually stored in the Mario character itself, it’s still a great way to change up your set. Want to add 30 seconds to the clock? You can. Want to hit someone with a poison mushroom? You can do that too. This set is the ultimate in Super Mario customization, and looking at what is included, I might just pick up multiple of these sets so my kids can go crazy with the customization options.


I was very skeptical of LEGO Super Mario when it was announced and launched, and now I cannot get enough. This has been a fantastic collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO. While I hope they do a more traditional LEGO set when they inevitably partner on Zelda for that franchises 35th anniversary, I’m enjoying this right now.



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