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Letters: A Written Adventure Demo Thoughts

Letters: A Written Adventure is a word puzzle game that may very well be a must buy when it comes out on the Nintendo Switch. A demo is available now and we took a look at it.


Letters: A Written Adventure is a unique puzzle game that uses words to move the story forward. Literally. You control a tiny character that moves between words and then moves words over to affect the direction of an item.

In the demo, you can make a tower Russian by giving it the word Russia or make it blue or give a bird wings by splitting another word apart. The game reacts to the wrong choice and so yes you can create a blue tower but thats not the right answer. You can also create a blue bird. Ultimately you have to find the right word to move on.


The demo has two directions you can take the main character: she can like creating games or drawing. Some events like creating your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend remain but you’ll either end up discussing your future as an artist or a game designer via chat. You’re character stays small through the demo, navigating first a letter and then windows on a computer.

This is a pretty neat demo. Its not very long but it gives you a really good idea of what Letters: A Written Adventure is: its a word puzzle game with very nice graphics. The demo is fun and the full game should be good!

Letters: A Written Adventure comes out on February 9th. If you want to check out the demo, its available now on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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