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Down in Bermuda

What if you crash landed on an island and you were stuck there for years? And it wasn’t a normal island, no, instead you were faced with finding items and solving puzzles to finally get home. Welcome to Down in Bermuda. Its not just a puzzle game. Its not just a hidden object game. Let’s discover Down in Bermuda together in this review.


Down in Bermuda is a puzzle game. No wait, its a hidden object game. No wait. Its both a puzzle game and a hidden object game. Down in Bermuda is unique in its presentation, its writing, and its overall concept.

The game starts with an animated cutscene where the main character crashes onto an island. Flash forward many years and now the lead character is an old man. He has been stuck on the island for at least 30 years. He hasn’t just been sitting around though. We find our lead character in the midst of trying to solve a puzzle. He still wants to get home.

In Down in Bermuda, you’ll be solving logic puzzles and finding hidden orbs. The puzzles and the orbs will lead you to unlocking the next island which has your next set of puzzles and items to find. Each island has its own unique concepts and fun puzzles to solve.

And if you ever get stuck on an island and you just have to see what the next island holds, you can go back to the world map and unlock the next island whenever.

Down in the Bermuda lets you play the islands out of order if you want. Yes you will miss out on plot developments and cool dialogue, but the game is very playable in and out of order. It can be a tough game so its nice to be able to skip ahead and see what else is in Bermuda. Though you have to beat all the islands to see the ending!


Control wise, the player can use the touch screen, the analog controls, or a combination of the two. It seems like a combination works the best. The controls on Down in Bermuda are not perfect.

The analog controls and touch controls do not feel precise enough, sometimes you really have to play around with both analog and touch controls to get anywhere in the game. The touch controls do not give you access to zooming or turning the camera view.

Meanwhile the analog controls are slower. Sometimes touching on a object with the cursor is easier than using touch and the reverse is true at other points. A combo of the two helps keep the game fun. The Bermuda’s graphics, on the other hand, are perfect.

The art style for Down in Bermuda is really wonderful. I love its cartoon-like cutscene at the beginning and how it maintains that style throughout. Its so very detailed and its a lot of fun to explore the islands. The music and sound effects  are pretty good too.

Down in Bermuda is a really fun game. Its unique concept and wonderful graphics make it another must buy for adventure puzzle fans.

Down in Bermuda gets a 8.5 out of 10.

Thank you to Yak & Co for providing a digital code for this review. Down in Bermuda will be out today (1/14) for the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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