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Disney Classic Games – Jungle Book, Aladdin and The Lion King

When Disney and it’s development partners work together to bring a title to Nintendo Switch, you know it’s going to be something special, and generally, it’s happening for a fairly good reason. In 2019, The Walt Disney Company remade two of their iconic, classic animated titles into live action pictures. In 2021, they built on that game collection and added The Jungle Book. Let’s take a look.


Before jumping into the Jungle Book, it’s worth noting that due to popular demand – at least I hope that is what happened – you can now play the SNES version of Aladdin! This was something I really wanted and didn’t get in the first release, and has been rectified with this new version!

The Jungle Book

The addition of The Jungle Book is a mixed bag for me. I took at look at three different versions, and I was shocked when the Nintendo versions were the least polished and most frustrating to play. Everything felt just a bit clunky, and based on opinions from some of my colleagues around the games industry, that was true back on the Super Nintendo and GameBoy as well.

That being said, this game isn’t a complete throwaway, because it performs much better than the Nintendo versions. While still the least favourite of the three available titles, I do think it will bring back positive memories for folks who played the originals, yes even those who played on Nintendo Switch!

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While critics were ready to pounce, both Aladdin and The Lion King drew in fans like Disney has never seen before. To capitalize on that success, the decision was made – let’s bring back some classic game favorites too!

Only this time, there is no shiny coat of polish or HD visuals to enjoy. They have literally grabbed different iterations of our favorite Disney titles – and they are almost all here, from GameBoy to Super Nintendo – dropped them into a cartridge, and charged a meager 29.99 for the entire package.

And let’s face it, I would argue that is 29.99 very well spent. Aladdin and The Lion King were easily too of the most iconic games back in the day, and two that I remember playing fondly. Not only does this collection allow my kids – who are huge Disney fans – to enjoy some of the games I grew up with, but it allows me to play them too, in all their original glory!

There are a few additions that make this package extra special, including a few different viewing windows to play the game. You can play it as it was originally intended, full screen, or full screen and stretched. On top of these visual changes, the game also allows you to watch someone else play it, and you can jump in at any point, and pick up the game from that location. This is fantastic if there is a portion of the game you cannot seem to beat, but yet you still want to see the end of the game!


The best new feature, however, is the ability to see a short behind-the-scenes documentary of how these games were originally made. As someone who has a fascination with both Disney and gaming technology, it was a really great added piece of bonus content that I think fans of both the company and the games are really going to enjoy.

Just remember one thing. Aladdin and The Lion King were really hard games when they were first released, and time has not changed that fact. These games are equally as hard as they have ever been, so buckle up folks…it’s going to be a bumpy, albeit enjoyable, ride!


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