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Can Elden Ring Meet the Hype?

The new year looks to bring many of the biggest triple A releases for not only exclusive titles but also some of the most anticipated releases too – for the time being many will continue to look towards some more casual favorites particularly within sporting options as players seek out more information about Ladbrokes app for wagering on the biggest options, but the biggest releases are very close by and will look to provide some exciting on the newest systems.

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Perhaps the biggest title that is hotly anticipated at the moment comes from the newest Souls-like title, Elden Ring, with supported writing from Game of Thrones author George R R Martin, and a game which many believe may be the biggest release of the year.

With a slated February launch, it comes extremely early in the year to be expected of that title particularly as there are other huge releases expected to come in 2022 including a new Horizon game, a new God of War title in the series, and the continuation of the breathtaking Breath of the Wild which still ranks highly on the Switch today.

The Souls series of games and similar titles have found huge success by offering something a bit more on the hardcore side of gaming which promises a challenge to those who take part, and Elden Ring looks to take this even further by introducing new mechanics and new styles of gameplay that weren’t previously part of the older games, and something that promises smoother and more fluid gameplay which has been often thought to be a bit wooden and stiff in the past.

As with other big anticipated titles, however, the question is whether or not Elden Ring can live up to the hype that it has brought about – recent titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Battlefield 2042 have left players disappointed with less than stellar performance, and there are many hopes that Elden Ring won’t be the next to add to that list after successful play and network tests show that it may already be headed in the right direction, and having already experienced a small delay to postpone the launch by a number of weeks it could show some thought that success is being put above a demand for release.

With just a few more weeks to go, the answer will soon be given, and it could be yet another fantastic title to add to the previous which have only found widespread success and could show a potential path forward for future releases too, with continued change and evolution to some of the more favored combat systems.


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