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Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Year’s Resolutions! (Video)

Happy New Year! Nintendo is ringing in the new year with an Animal Crossing video showing off some of the animals New Year’s Resolutions. Its a pretty cute video. Give it a look. I’ll wait right here. I have some thoughts on Animal Crossing New Horizons for the new year!

Animal Crossing New Horizons was, without a doubt, the biggest game that Nintendo released last year. It was a huge hit and will continue to be so this year (and beyond). So what should we expect this year from the game?

Later this month, Nintendo will release another update for New Horizons. The only thing we know for sure that will be included is the Pave and Festivale update! If previous updates are any indication though, we should see more than just that in the new update. Its anyone’s guess what else we’ll get.

After that, we can expect an update in March that gives us Mario items for the game. Yes its another part of the Mario 35 celebration. We do not know what items we will get, however we can hope for a green pipe to put outside, a flag pole, blocks, and hopefully Mario themed clothes!

As for the rest of the year, we do not know what else to expect but Nintendo has confirmed that even more updates are coming.

What do I hope to see? Well, I’d love to see Brewster and his café added to the game. I also want to see the return of the Kapp’n and Tortimer’s Island from New Leaf. It would be great to see more use for Nook Miles and perhaps some additions to the Nook Miles islands. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to visit those islands with friends or at least go vist Tortimer’s Island again”? Another good addition would be mini-games like the ones on Tortimer’s Island and the ones you could play by yourself such as Animal Crossing Puzzle League.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is such a excellent game already but even more things could be added to it. What do you hope will come to the game in 2021?


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