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3DS Game Reviews

7.5 Mario Party: The Top 100

blank Read Review Mario Party: The Top 100 Review

Mario Party titles have been on the downswing in recent years, with things beginning to fall off the rails around Mario Party 6 or 7. While the final three installments of the franchise have still been great fun - ...


7.0 Mario Sports Superstars

blank Read Review Mario Sports Superstars Review

When Nintendo launched the Mario Sports Remix on the Wii a number of years ago, I was super skeptical and assumed a mash-up of sports in a single game - ala the Winter and Sumer Olympic Game titles - would be a ...


9.0 Mario Golf World Tour

blank Read Review Mario Golf World Tour Review

Mario and friends have been absent from the golf course since 2004. 10 years later, however, the gang is back at it. This time, your Mii is invited! Mario Golf World Tour takes everything that is good about the ...


6.0 Ridge Racer 3D

blank Read Review Ridge Racer 3D

Ridge Racer 3D - now over a couple of years old - is staunch reminder of two things. First, arcade racers are awesome. More titles should drop the realism and rap music of recent racing titles and should instead ...


7.0 Mario Tennis Open

blank Read Review Mario Tennis Open Review

Mario has long enjoyed a wide variety of spin-offs. Best known is Mario Kart, although the little plumber that could has never been completely tied to to the racetrack. This tradition of allowing an untrained fat ...