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8.0 Sound Blaster X7

Sound_Blaster_X7_120x129 Read Review Sound Blaster X7 Review

It's been an audiotastic type of summer in the Roffel household this summer. The only thing better than lounging around my pool is doing so with some great music flowing through my back door and windows out to my ...


8.5 SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse

SteelSeries-Rival-700-OLED-Gaming-Mouse-02_746x504 Read Review SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse Review

The Rival series of mice have evolved over time, from the basic capabilities of the Rival 100, through the upgrades in the 300, to the most advanced options available in the 700.


9.0 Creative T50 Wireless Speaker

Creative-T50_900x600 Read Review Creative T50 Wireless Speaker Review

A few weeks back, we reviewed the wonderful Creative T4 2.1 Wireless speaker set. We highly recommended these for a smaller living room or gaming room, but said they might be a bit large for an average sized ...


9.0 Creative T4 Wireless Speakers

2014-06-06-product-3_597x398 Read Review Creative T4 Wireless Speakers Review

Creative has made some impressive products over the years, and we have just begun reviewing a ton of them on Video game audio continues to improve, and as gamers become more competitive - and in ...




Sound BlasterX H7 Headset

Release Date:
Publisher: Sound Blaster
Developer: Sound Blaster
Our Rating

Borderlands 2

Release Date: 21/9/2012
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Gearbox Software
PEGI: 18+
Our Rating

Tomb Raider

Release Date: 05/03/2013
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
PEGI: 18+
Our Rating


Release Date: 24/ 5/2016
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment-Blizzard Entertainment-PG13
Our Rating

Out of the Park Baseball 14

Release Date: 15/04/2013
Publisher: Out of the Park Developments
Developer: Out of the Park Developments
Our Rating

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More Thoughts From Me #36: Halt and Watch This TV Show

haltandcatchfirelogo It should be obvious to you by now that I love video games. What might not be obvious, since I never write about it here, is that I’m also addicted to TV shows. ...

Shovel Knight Will Appear in Yooka-Laylee

yookalayleeshovelknight A lot of people have been excited about Yooka-Laylee ever since it was announced (myself included). Yooka-Laylee is coming from a new company called Playtonic ...

Can AMD Woo PC Gamers Back Next Year?

Print Most people in the video game community didn’t see it coming. But this year, we saw a resurgence from AMD like never before. The company has risen like a ...


Circle Entertainment Announced New RPG/Sim Picontier At The Tokyo Game Show

picontierlogo Circle Entertainment brings some of the best rpgs to the 3DS. From Fairune to Ash, I’ve enjoyed the rpgs that they’ve brought to the system! And ...

Supergirl Meets E.T. In New Lego Dimensions Video

supergirlmeetset Lego Dimensions continues to expand, adding more heroes, villains, and unique characters to the creative toys-to-life game! A new video was released today ...

Steel Series Rival 350 Mouse Announced

SteelSerieslogo1_113x129 The following is a press release for the Steel Series Rival 350 Mouse! ” SteelSeries Releases the Rival 500, Reinventing the MMO/MOBA Gaming ...


Lego Dimensions Gives Us A Look At The Upcoming Harry Potter World With Two New Videos

LegoHarryPotterDimensions Harry Potter will soon be coming to Lego Dimensions! I have never played Lego Dimensions, but the new videos with Harry Potter make me wish I was a fan. Check ...

Nintendo Issues Take Down For Over 500 Fan Games

NintendoFans Nintendo has issued a take down notice for over 500 games on the GameJolt website, claiming that these games infringe on Nintendo copyright. Many of these games ...

New Tumble Mini Game Coming to Minecraft Today

TumbleMinecraft Are you a fan of Minecraft? Then you may be interested to learn that a new mini game is coming to the game today! The game is called Tumble and it’ll be ...


Puzzle/Platformer Hue Is Out Today

Huegameplay A new puzzle-platformer called Hue came out today for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We have a press release below that will give you all the ...

New Halo Content Coming to PC and Xbox One On September 8th

Halo_120x129 If you’re a fan of Halo, then you may be interested in today’s news. Halo 5: Forge will be coming to PC on September 8th and on that same day, Halo ...

Little King Story: A Nostalgic Trip

LittleKingsStoryPC When Little King Story launched back on the Wii a number of years ago, it was a game I was really looking forward too. It delivered for me for the most part, ...