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9.5 Steel Series Apex M500 Keyboard

Read Review Steel Series Apex M500 Keyboard Review

Steel Series is a leading innovator in the pc and console hardware marketplace, and the quality of their products has always been top notch. We have looked at a ton of Steel Series products over the last year, and ...


9.0 Creative MUVO 2 Speakers

Read Review Creative MUVO 2 Speakers Review

The marketplace for portable Bluetooth speakers in incredibly crowded; the quality across all the brands is usually sub-par, with each company working towards having the cheapest item on the market.


8.0 Sound Blaster X7

Read Review Sound Blaster X7 Review

It's been an audiotastic type of summer in the Roffel household this summer. The only thing better than lounging around my pool is doing so with some great music flowing through my back door and windows out to my ...


8.5 SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse

Read Review SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse Review

The Rival series of mice have evolved over time, from the basic capabilities of the Rival 100, through the upgrades in the 300, to the most advanced options available in the 700.




Release Date: 24/ 5/2016
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment-Blizzard Entertainment-PG13
Our Rating

Out of the Park Baseball 14

Release Date: 15/04/2013
Publisher: Out of the Park Developments
Developer: Out of the Park Developments
Our Rating

Saints Row IV

Release Date: 20/08/2013
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Volition Inc.
Our Rating

Fifa 2013

Release Date: 28/9/2012
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: Electronic Arts
PEGI: 3+
Our Rating

Steel Series Apex M500 Keyboard

Release Date:
Publisher: Steel Series
Developer: Steel Series
Our Rating

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More Thoughts From Me #52: Play & Learn

This More Thoughts From Me is about Edutainment games. You can and should learn from video games. Its great to have a fun game that has  an entertaining story. ...

Lego City Undercover Trailer (For PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC)

Lego City Undercover is one of my favorite Wii U games. I am still surprised that the game remained a Wii U exclusive for so long. Of course, all good things ...

Going Old School on Steam

Over the Christmas holidays, I have downloaded a number of great, older titles from Steam to bring back parts of my childhood. With time off, I've been able to ...


Battlestations Ready! How to Create the Ultimate PC Gaming Setup

There’s something wonderful about customising your desk, PC and accessories to follow the same colour scheme and theme. Gaming in style is something that ...

Image & Form’s The Engine Room: New SteamWorld Game Coming Next Year (video)

Image and Form’s Steamworld Heist was one of my favorite games this year and last and Steamworld Dig before it was a blast too. And recently we found out ...

Stardew Valley – Just One More Day…

I've been playing a ton of Stardew Valley lately on the Xbox One, and I'm beginning to suffer from what I like to call, Just One More Day Syndrome. When you ...


Stardew Valley Exhaustion Problem

I think I need to blast this PSA: If you are playing Stardew Valley, don't let your energy bar fall to 0. You will severely regret doing that. The extra log you ...

Lego Worlds Launch Pricing And Preorders Announced

Lego Worlds, a lego game focused on building things, will be coming out next year for PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. We have launch date and launch ...

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Is Coming Out This Month

Wayforward’s Shantae is a action/adventure/platformer that has appeared on the 3DS, Wii U, and other platforms too. I have reviewed and played a few of ...


Telltale Games Announced A Guardians of the Galaxy Game Last Night

I’m a huge fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I have thought for awhile now that there should be a video game of the franchise. And now, finally, ...

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Debuts This Month

Last night, during The Game Awards, a new trailer for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier was revealed. We have that trailer, plus some more information about the ...

Lego Worlds Will Be Coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam Next Year

The Lego video game franchise is massive. From Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, to the toys-to-life game Lego Dimensions, there is literally a Lego video game for ...