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6.5 Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt feature Read Review

The latest from HandyGames is a remastered version of their medieval city-builder; Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt. This title aims to completely overhaul the original with a port to PC. The original game existed as a ...


9.0 The Colonists

Read Review The Colonists Review

Released late last month, The Colonists is a casual city builder from the one-man, UK-based indie developer Codebyfire. Inspired by classic games such as The Settlers and the Anno series, The Colonists adds some ...


8.0 Megaquarium

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Released earlier this week, Megaquarium is the latest game to come from Twice Circled, the one-man developer responsible for the construction-puzzler indie hit Big Pharma. Those who have played Big Pharma will ...


9.5 Overwatch

Read Review Overwatch Review

Energetic, fun, crazy, exciting, and engaging are all words that can be used to describe Overwatch, one of the most popular games released in 2016. An all-new, original game from industry titan Blizzard, Overwatch ...


7.0 Legends of Eisenwald

Read Review Legends of Eisenwald Review

Eisenwald is a magical medieval world that is filled to the brim with those searching for power and status. Exploring that world through quests driven by motivations of status and money, players of the newly ...


7.0 Overture

Read Review Overture Review

Recently action-adventure rogue-like games have made a huge comeback. With notable successes recently such as The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, this game-type is seeing resurgence. The most recent in the line ...


7.0 Deathtrap

Read Review Deathtrap Review

The combination of wit and traps are the only way to stop the flood of monsters that are breaching our world. The job of guarding against these beasts is a rough one, but these defenders are the worlds only hope. ...


5.5 Victory at Sea

Read Review Victory at Sea Review

Naval combat is sorely underdone in video games for a multitude of reasons. The sea isn't perhaps the most engaging of environments, due in no small part to the over-abundance of blue, and actually having your ...


5.5 Frontline: Road to Moscow

Read Review Frontline: Road to Moscow Review

Dozens of overpriced mobile ports get released on Steam every month. Frontline: Road to Moscow is no different. The game was originally available on the Appstore in July before being ported to PC. The game is a ...


8.0 Space Run

Read Review Space Run Review

It's not easy, being a delivery boy in the future. While today the worst you might come across is aggressive dogs or mustachioed old ladies frightened to open the door in case you're a little bit "ethnic," in the ...


6.5 Panzer Tactics HD

Read Review Panzer Tactics HD Review

Panzer Tactics HD is a tactical World War 2 game. The game features a turn based system in which you can move your units around or attack targets within range. There are 3 different campaigns, each with a different ...


8.5 Divinity Dragon Commander

Read Review Divinity Dragon Commander Review

The king has been murdered by his three children, but not without siring a illegitimate heir. After having an affair with a dragon (who we're assured was in female human form at the time), a child is born. You're ...



Read Review SMITE Review

For anyone on the outside looking in, the MOBA genre can look like a scary one. There are too many numbers, too much clutter on the screen, too many characters, abilities, items and you have to work as a team! I ...


8.0 Europa Universalis IV

Read Review Europa Universalis IV Review

Europa Universalis is a franchise where you don't just control a country or play a king, you are the ruler of your very own nation. That comes with all of the good and all of the bad. The power to do whatever you ...


7.5 Shadowrun Returns

Read Review Shadowrun Returns Review

Shadowrun's last appearance in video game form wasn't that pretty, leaving fans disappointed that Microsoft decided to turn their cyberpunk, urban fantasy pulp RPG into a multiplayer shooter. Thankfully, the ...


8.0 Skyward Collapse

Read Review Skyward Collapse Review

How can God be omnipotent and benevolent yet the world be filled with constant war and unending suffering? Perhaps there is a greater god out there who wants nothing more than to sit back and watch as humanity wages ...


4.5 Might & Magic Heroes VI SoD

Read Review Might & Magic Heroes VI SoD Review

Return to Ashan in Shades of Darkness, a new expansion to the hugely popular Might & Magic Heroes VI. With over a dozen new units and a conservative announced guess of 20 hours of new gameplay (We all know we'll ...


8.0 Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

Read Review Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Review

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm continues the epic story and intense multiplayer action of its predecessor, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (WoL), while refining the experience further as an eSports franchise. The ...


6.0 Leviathan: Warships

Read Review Leviathan: Warships Review

With one of the funniest trailers of 2013 behind it, Leviathan: Warships was perhaps something that initially caught people off guard. Armed with an abso-boat load of terrible puns, people took to this game like ...


7.0 Age of Empires II HD

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There's a fine line when re-releasing a title, between making modern and leaving a kind of older charm. The team behind Age of Empires II HD have decided not to even approach that line. The risk of modernizing one ...


7.0 Masters of the World

Read Review Masters of the World Review

If you’ve ever looked through the papers, hoping to find a shred of explanation as to why politicians act the way they do, knowing full well that you could do a far better job, Masters of the World is for you. It’s ...


8.0 Football Manager 2013

Read Review Football Manager 2013 Review

Football Manager 13 was released last September, just in time to cause poor exam results up and down the country this year. A crown I’m sure it was keen to keep from last year, as the Football Manager series has ...


8.0 Dota 2

Read Review Dota 2 Review

It took an awful long time and a lot of legal wrangling with Blizzard for Valve to be able to call their new game DotA 2, but that’s what it is. In terms of spirit and content, this is the follow-up to the top ...


3.5 Omerta City of Gangsters

Read Review Omerta City of Gangsters Review

Omerta – City of Gangsters had a lot of promise. It’s developed by the same people that make the endlessly fun Tropico series and promises a Gangster-based strategy game, not really something we’ve seen since the ...


8.5 Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Read Review Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Review

Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty, is part one of three planned expansion packs to be released by Blizzard over the next following years, allowing the gamers to play the story from completely different races. Just like ...