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7.0 Pure Pool

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Pool has been a regular target for developers over the years. It's definitely a simple idea to pull of, and it's always popular, but there are many games out there that capture the sport itself, but not the ...


8.5 NBA 2K14

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It's commonly known that sports games are released every year and even though they provide a solid and realistic experience, they don't improve much over the last iteration. The NBA 2K series is no different but ...


9.0 Out of the Park Baseball 15

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For baseball nerds like myself, there's nothing better than spring. Fresh batches of rookies, big stars on new squads, the inevitable, if completely misguided, World Series dream of every player and fan... and of ...


6.0 Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe

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Old-timey PC gamers might recall a game from the 80's called Shufflepuck Cafe, a science-fiction air-hockey sim with overt influences from Star Wars. The new PC game Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe takes the same concept ...


7.5 NBA 2K14

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While EA has cornered the market on NFL games (by default, really), 2K has appeared to do the same with NBA sports simulations. While publisher Take-Two Interactive has been accused of just releasing roster updates ...


7.5 Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013

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Since releasing Title Bout Championship Boxing 2.5 back in 2008, the boxing simulation series has laid dormant, as Out of the Park Developments shifted their focus full-time to their baseball management sim, finally ...


9.5 Out of the Park Baseball 14

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Unlike most iterative sports game series, the Out of the Park development team never rests on their laurels in the off season, making it one of the only sports titles worth purchasing on a yearly basis. Out of the ...


8.5 Trials Evolution Gold Edition

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Trials HD was perhaps one of the most difficult games of this generation. Getting through the later levels took such a degree of timing, so much muscle memory and a healthy dose of luck. For Evolution, Red Lynx ...


9.5 Fifa 2013

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The FIFA franchise is one of those games that comes back every year, usually with a few small alterations and breaks sales records every time. It has obtained the credibility that all game producers strive to ...