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8.0 Megaquarium

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Released earlier this week, Megaquarium is the latest game to come from Twice Circled, the one-man developer responsible for the construction-puzzler indie hit Big Pharma. Those who have played Big Pharma will ...


5.5 Cities XXL

Read Review Cities XXL Review

Simulation city-building games have been popular ever since the release of the highly acclaimed and somewhat revolutionary Sim City franchise began. While games that allow the player to control locations or people ...


8.5 Emily’s New Beginning

Read Review Emily’s New Beginning Review

Simulation and time management games have always worked their way along through the gaming community because their challenging gameplay and feelings of earned accomplishment are something that is hard to achieve ...


8.5 The Sims 4

Read Review The Sims 4 Review

One of the most successful game franchises of all time, The Sims, offers players the opportunity to build their own worlds filled with people of their creation whose lives and happiness rest in the palm of their ...


6.5 Franchise Hockey Manager

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Considering that Out of the Park Development's signature Out of the Park Baseball series is a constant time sink in my life, there's no denying I was excited to play their foray into hockey simulation, Franchise ...


9.0 Out of the Park Baseball 15

Read Review Out of the Park Baseball 15 Review

For baseball nerds like myself, there's nothing better than spring. Fresh batches of rookies, big stars on new squads, the inevitable, if completely misguided, World Series dream of every player and fan... and of ...


8.0 Euro Truck Simulator 2

Read Review Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review

Euro Truck Simulator 2 puts you in the shoes, or sandals, of a wannabe trucker who wants to start their own trucking business from the ground up. You will end up buying a multitude of licensed trucks and exploring ...


7.0 Pro Cycling Manager 2013

Read Review Pro Cycling Manager 2013 Review

Each and every year sees the release of dozens of sports management simulators, and the vast majority of them are extremely niche. While the likes of Football Manager destroys millions of man hours each year, ...


7.5 Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013

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Since releasing Title Bout Championship Boxing 2.5 back in 2008, the boxing simulation series has laid dormant, as Out of the Park Developments shifted their focus full-time to their baseball management sim, finally ...


6.5 Game Dev Tycoon

Read Review Game Dev Tycoon Review

If you've heard of Game Dev Tycoon, there's a good chance it's for one of two reasons. Either you've seen the story of their day one anti-piracy stunt, in which developer Greenheart Games uploaded a version of their ...


4.5 Surgeon Simulator 2013

Read Review Surgeon Simulator 2013 Review

So it's come to this. The likes of Farm Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator have become beyond a joke, have become mainstream and apparently deserve a parody of their own. From YouTube onwards, Surgeon Simulator 2013 ...


9.5 Out of the Park Baseball 14

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Unlike most iterative sports game series, the Out of the Park development team never rests on their laurels in the off season, making it one of the only sports titles worth purchasing on a yearly basis. Out of the ...


8.0 Football Manager 2013

Read Review Football Manager 2013 Review

Football Manager 13 was released last September, just in time to cause poor exam results up and down the country this year. A crown I’m sure it was keen to keep from last year, as the Football Manager series has ...


8.0 Faster Than Light

Read Review Faster Than Light Review

Roguelikes can be an acquired taste. The randomness, the perma-death, and the genre’s notorious difficulty can leave a bitter taste in the mouths of some gamers. Well-crafted titles like FTL, however, can embrace ...


3.5 Omerta City of Gangsters

Read Review Omerta City of Gangsters Review

Omerta – City of Gangsters had a lot of promise. It’s developed by the same people that make the endlessly fun Tropico series and promises a Gangster-based strategy game, not really something we’ve seen since the ...


8.0 The Sims 3

Read Review The Sims 3 Review

The original Sims game was a massive leap forward for gaming. News articles were run announcing that AI had finally got to a point where little people could run around inside your computer and teenage boys ...